Letters, June 24, 2015

Crawford addresses staff hiring

? FROM THE EDITOR: In response to John Seibel?s letter to the editor in last week?s edition, Randy Crawford, Marion County Road and Bridge superintendent, reviewed the process that led to the hiring of Larry Cushenberry as the department?s assistant supervisor.

Crawford said four people responded to the public advertisement for the position. One of the applicants, who was not a county employee, was offered the position but turned it down because of the pay.

A second applicant was eliminated from consideration because he did not meet the job requirements and had no supervisory experience.

That left two candidates. Both were interviewed by Crawford and Jesse Hamm, road supervisor. One candidate decided he did not want the job after he found out its responsibilities.

Crawford said Cushen?berry, the remaining candidate, was qualified for the position and accepted the job when it was offered to him. The following Monday, Cushenberry and Crawford met with the county commissioners and Cushenberry was formally awarded the job based upon the commissioner?s approval.

?The public needs to know that the job wasn?t just handed to him,? Crawford said. ?This position was opened up to the public. He went through the interview process.?

Crawford said Cushen?berry was a firefighter in Wichita for 21 years, including 12 years as an officer before retiring and moving to Marion County. He also was jail sergeant at Marion County Jail for about 41?4 years, prior to joining Road and Bridge as a section grader operator for 21?4 years.

?Larry has vast experience and superior supervisory skills and has received numerous compliments on his customer service and communication skills from county residents when responding to their complaints since starting in the position,? Crawford said.

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