Letters, December 31, 2014

Road excuses not good enough

I recently read the article by Jerry Engler write on the roads in Marion County (Dec. 24) issue. I do not get the chance to attend the county commission meetings, but the excuses provided by Mr. Holub are unacceptable and were used 3-4 years ago when they tore up 120th by Goessel.

That excuse was: ?The roads are not the same as they were in the 1950s.? If this is the best they?ve got, it?s time for these commissioners to go. They have not done their job planning correctly nor have the previous commissioners.

I have been in Marion County for 10 years. It is time the commission does their job for planning and budgeting or it is time for them to leave office and let someone who can do the job to step in.

Josh Weiser

Rural Goessel

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