Letters, December 3, 2014

Affirming HHS service project

The Hillsboro High School Student Council under the leadership of President Jakob Hanschu, the high school administration, and the USD 410 school board deserve commendations for the community service leaf-raking project this past week.

I want to affirm all these individuals for displaying a spirit of servant leadership. Their work was greatly appreciated and it was a blessing for the residents of the community.

Thank-you, Jakob, for your efforts in this initiative. And thank you to Jakob?s brother, Jorge, HMS eighth-grader, for giving up his Saturday morning to help get the last few yards that were remaining after Tuesday afternoon. These young men deserve our gratitude as a community.

Though this project was not intended as a fundraising effort, I would encourage everyone who benefited, from the effort of these students to consider a monetary gift to the HHS Student Council account.

Student Council sets out to accomplish many things each year, and their efforts can be assisted through financial support.

Let?s affirm our youth for their selfless act of community service by supporting their school projects.

Kirby Fadenrecht


Wake up, America

Amnesty for 5 million illegals. Proof of citizenship to vote. Wake up, America.

Mickey Collett


We control our community?s fate

Community is a word with many different definitions. However, each definition shares key words meant to impress the root of the word on the reader: together, common, same, fellowship.

No matter how you choose to use the word ?community,? or what definition you are intending to imply, the impression you invariably leave is that of many brought together as one.

Hillsboro is a small community. Despite that, the people are incredibly tightknit, the businesses have flourished for years, some for decades, and a couple over a century.

How is it possible for such a small group of people to have maintained these connections and commonality for so long? By embracing and understanding the meaning of ?community.?

Every day we take steps toward each other. Every day we reach out a helping hand with a smile to those who may need it. Recently, my fiancee went in to Wendy?s to grab food for our family on the way home. With her head full of thoughts of dinner, showers, bedtime stories and the inevitable wind down, she didn?t realize she had ordered far too much to manage in one trip out to the car.

Just as the thought occurred to her, a stranger offered to help, and walked her out to the car, splitting the load.

That is the community we strive to create. That is Hillsboro. That is Marion County.

Very soon we will have a daily choice to make. On one hand we will have short-term financial gains, and on the other hand the livelihood of our community, our friends, our family.

Supporting local business is how we support each other, and in turn support ourselves. It is how we keep our pharmacists who will, in an emergency, leave their dinner plate to get you your medication after hours.

How we keep our grocers who will deliver your food to your front door with a smile and genuine interest in your life

How we will keep our specialty stores open and interesting.

We save money in the short term, but as these businesses close, their employees who work at competitive wages lose their jobs. If those people have no choice but to go on as part time in new businesses, or travel for work, how many will stay in our community?

As their kids leave with them to live closer to mom or dad?s job, how long will our schools receive the funding that they have now?

As those people leave, causing a sharp decline in tax revenue, will we appreciate the property and sales tax hike it would take to still be able to maintain our miles of roads and county officials?

As our county and communities slowly dwindle over the next 15 years, will it have been worth it?

We have an opportunity to stand together and be a true community, in every meaning of the word. We can be as one, and give our neighbors a chance to thrive, if for no other reason than to ensure that we can continue to have such a beautiful place to call home.

We stand together. We control our community?s fate.

Corey Maddux


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