Letters, December 10, 2014

Same-sex marriage offends God

Regarding the front-page Free Press article of Dec. 3 about Marion County issuing the first same-sex marriage license, it says Chief Judge of the 8th Judicial District Michael Powers said judges have an obligation to follow the law.

The very next paragraph clearly states that not all of the judges are in agreement regarding the topic of same-sex marriage. That has become a problem in our country?instead of following laws that some may not agree with, they issue decrees on what they personally want or feel, from judges, Congress, president on down.

Apparently, some do not want to uphold the law as quoted in Article 15, Section 16, of the Kansas Constitu?tion, then it goes into the different courts fighting over the issue, which is really a non-issue since the law says it is illegal.

Back to the point regarding same-sex marriage?a euphemism for homosexual ?marriage??it is simple: It is wrong. It says so in the book of the Law of God recorded by Moses. Leviticus 18:22, ?You shall not lie with a male as with a woman, It is an abomination.? Very clear, very succinct. Anyone can understand this.

But there are many more verses on this subject written in God?s book in case there are any more questions.

In Genesis 1, God blessed the man and the woman and commanded them to be fruitful and multiply. Two men (or two women) can never reproduce themselves by any orifice in their body. It will not happen and that is basic anatomy and plain fact.

Also very clear regarding homosexuality is God?s judgment against it. Sin is still sin, no matter what you call it?gay is a happy, clean word that has been used now to refer to an abomination, so those who practice it can feel OK about it. It is not OK, and God?s judgment will follow on our country if we mock the supreme court of heaven.

Linda Eden


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