Letters, August 5, 2015

Just raising taxes not the answer

In response to the article about county roads (July 29 issue), the commissioners are still missing a big point. At least one wants to jump to raising taxes. Before we go there, make it known to the public where the current money is going.

Second, a commis?sioner says, ?City people don?t want to pay for county roads.? Well, isn?t the current tax revenue coming in paying for city roads? This argument is weak and unbalanced.

The commissioners have approved projects that are taking away from road maintenance. Which projects are those and how critical are they? They better be real critical to allow the whole county road system to go to hell.

The commissioners and roads department should consider posting a plan every two weeks to a public website for rock coverage and repair. If they don?t already have GPS tracking in each grader, they should consider adding these, along with software, that will show movement and past work. This will aid in planning and accountability. It seems there could be some issues with people not doing their jobs.

I know this isn?t countywide because our roads get graded. Grading only goes so far, though. The commissioners need to deal with accountability at the management layer of the department. We have placed multiple calls to get sections of our road looked at. We only got a call back when the road washed out (the only way in and out from our house when it rains). We could not get delivery or trash pickup during that period.

What if that was an emergency vehicle trying to reach one of the houses in the mile section? I appreciate the commissioners listening to the residents, but simply raising taxes will not solve the accountability problem or the planning problem.

Josh Weiser


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