Letters, August 12, 2015

Why fewer entries at this year?s fair?

Another Marion County Fair is in the books. I have been entering in the fair more than 20 years, ever since we moved to this area. Usually I am excited to see all the exhibits, but this year the entries were down. I am sure there are many reasons for the decline?maybe the economy?

Several of my friends in other counties reported their fair entries were down, too. I heard some were very disappointed in the lower premium payment, but I am guessing the fair board is trying to keep the budget balanced. With the economy, everyone is having to tighten their belts so this is no different, and any cuts/changes are usually not welcomed.

I have enjoyed the fair all these years and don?t think I ever thanked the fair board for its hard work all year. I don?t know them all personally, but the ones I know are good people trying to make the fair as good as they can for as many people as they can.

As I reflect on the fair, each individual in Marion County and all the visitors want to get something different from the fair. Some like the livestock shows, some the carnival, some the rodeo, some like the fair buildings full of entries.

I am sure the fair board will consider all the feedback, the budget and the numbers and evaluate the data. I think we need to trust the fair board to put on the best fair that it can next year and hope that the people of Marion County will continue to support it with their entries and attendance.

Sally Andrews


From the editor: We received a handwritten, hand-delivered letter to the editor Monday titled, ?Excuses, excuses, excuses.? Unfortunately, we were unable to decipher the last name of the writer. It also was lacking a phone number. If the writer identifies himself, we will print the letter in our next issue.

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