Wake up, you are being deceived

Wake up, you are being deceived


In Matthew 24 the disciples asked Jesus, ?What will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?? Jesus answered: ?Watch out that no one deceives you.? As we near the rapture, deceit abounds. Deceit in the White House, statehouse, city hall, school house and the home.

America has a president that, in less than a month of office, has given away more money in a lump sum than any president before. He has told America that the banks, mortgage companies, Wall Street, that gave themselves $20 billion bonuses, that made bad loans on houses people could not afford and could not pay back, that these bad financial decisions would not have to be held responsible for.

He says by his actions; ?I, the president, am your saviour and messiah. Your bad decisions are somebody else?s fault, and you will be bailed out so as not to be held responsible for your actions.?

People, one of the best lessons of life is to fall, to start over, and not make that mistake again. Here, the people are being rewarded with billions for being incompetent.

Our president comes from a generation that was taught that if things don?t go right, it is somebody else?s fault, and your self esteem is all that matters. My generation, in their 70s to 90s, is the last of a breed that was taught and lived that you are responsible for your actions, both earthly and spiritual.

The next generation, in their 50s and 60s, have not heard that sin is sin and were taught in the public schools your self-esteem is important. They raised a worse generation, today in their 20s to 40s, and their school kids of today run around with ?No Fear? shirts on.

I?ve got to say, people, in this day of breakdown of law, respect, decency, character and economic problems, I fear what is to come.

All because we have been deceived.

Our governor has failed to say, ?If we can?t afford it, we don?t spend for it.? The best stimulus plan is get out of the working man?s pocket and let him take care of himself. Get rid of these welfare programs. ?He who does not work should not eat.? That?s in the Bible.

You people on welfare with all your life problems, nothing is going to work in your life until you do.

School costs are out of control because they have failed to live within their means. Most people on school boards, administrators and teachers came out of college into the school system. They never worked a full-time 12-month-a-year job, expected to perform or be fired, and do not know how to earn a dollar on Monday and make it last until Sunday.

Money is poured into so-called visionary programs that are a dead end. The public school system is a government within government with no constitutional authority to exist and levy taxes. Yet, they levy taxes without accountability to the people.

City government, such as in Goessel, has become arrogant in behavior. The mayor and town council, without holding public meetings where the people could be heard, or without a vote, borrowed $390,000 for a project that was never clearly thought through. And put every house in Goessel as collateral for the bonds.

The mayor, when asked by a gentleman at a town meeting to tell the plan for repayment of these bonds, blurted out at him, ?You have an agenda against this town!?

All because we have been deceived.

What will it take to return to the days when we did things right?

A president that goes to Congress every morning and prays for them and America.

A governor that goes before state employees and opens each day with prayer.

Marion County commissioners that open meetings with Bible reading and prayer. (Have the meetings from 5-9 p.m. so citizens can attend and be heard.)

A mayor and town council in Goessel that opens meetings with Bible reading and prayer. And recognize the citizen has a constitutional right and duty to speak and seek redress of grievances without seeking permission and sponsorship of a councilman. This is censorship. The mayor and town councilmen need to greet people with a sincere smile and welcome. The attitude now is to greet people with a scowl unless it is a buddy.

Schools open each day with Bible reading and prayer. Kick out the lie of evolution and teach the Bible. Then they can take out the metal detectors, watch grades go up and teen pregnancies go down.

Let?s not leave out the churches. Pastors, whatever happened to sin? Preach that sin is sin and a day of reckoning is coming near.

People, wake up. You are being deceived.

Anton Epp


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