Thanks to all who supported the Trojans

As Trojan Booster Club president, I would like to thank everyone who attended the state basketball tournament at Hutchinson this past week. From the students to the adults, everyone was enthusiastic and supportive.

The gold T-shirt was the brainchild of Hillsboro High Activities Director Max Heinrichs. He called me Monday morning and asked if I thought we could raise enough money to buy 1,000 shirts. I said we could probably get enough for 500, so we ordered them. As it turned out we got enough money to order and deliver 850 shirts.

A huge thank-you to all of the people and businesses who sponsored the shirts. And a huge thank-you to Western Associates of Marion for getting a quality shirt done at a moment’s notice.

With 850 gold shirts, our Hillsboro crowd really stood out. Thank you to everyone who wore one. This showed a lot of schools how a community can come together when they need to.

I personally had three other schools talk to me and ask me how we got it done. I said we have a very giving community and they were willing to help out where needed.

I even had one gentleman give me a donation to the Booster Club of $40 for two shirts. I have no idea where he was from, but he wished us good luck during the championship game.

Again, a huge thank-you to the businesses and individuals who donated money to buy the shirts. Without your support we could not have pulled this off. I know this was very short notice and to pull it off the way we did was incredible.

And a huge thank-you goes to Max Heinrichs and HHS art teacher Dustin Dalke for designing the shirt. The shirts looked great, guys. What a great idea it was.

Finally, congratulations to the Class 3A state champion Lady Trojans! We are so proud of you. What an incredible season.

Congratulations to Coach Honeck, Coach Boldt and Coach Chisholm. This will certainly be a season to remember.

Gary Andrews, president

Trojan Booster Club

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