Marion County not alone in ‘Wind Farm’ discussions, fight

Words matter… Have we all been so dumbed down (sorry) with the title of “Wind Farm” that we are numb to the fact that smooth-talking, wind companies (Expedition Wind/Diamond Vista/Tradewind) are actually proposing to build “Industrial wind turbines” in our communities?

This will affect each of us in Marion County, Kansas, from “up north” by Tampa; to southeast near Peabody and The Flint Hills; to the south and southwest Marion Co, trailing in from McPherson County. That’s correct. The conditional use permit (CUP) seems to hurriedly get approved then they add more wind turbines so connections happen and so on…

There are several opposing groups from three areas: Reno Co, McPherson Co, and our own Marion County who have been meeting and preparing for the Planning & Zoning Committee Hearing on April 25 in Marion. Please watch & pray & do as he would lead you—“Go forth and inform”. There are many “action words” in the previous sentence, and yes, words do matter! Our actions matter also as in the parable of The Good Samaritan, “Which of these seems to you to have become the ‘neighbor’?” May it be so in Marion County.

For the sake of the children,

Cheryl Marsh


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