Letters (Week of September 12, 2007)

If this is ?dumb,? then sign me up for more


This is in regard to the editorial column by Dale Suderman last week. I would like to state that I am glad my husband has been ?dumb? enough, for the past six years, to be away from his family periodically defending Mr. Suderman?s, among others, right to free speech.

I also relish in my family and friends? ?dumbness? in supporting my husband, the military, and the present leaders of our nation as they protect us against ?non-existent dangers? from near and far.

If ?being dumb? equals being vigilant, please sign me up for the next six years. With the leftist slant of the cartoons and editorials, I am glad this paper will kindle many fires and help to keep us warm this winter.

Heather Schlehuber

Submitted by e-mail


If the train was riding a different track…


In response to the train visiting Marion last week….

Two trains from the opposite ends of the world, traveling on the same track and away from one another, arrived at their small towns carrying their wounded that were returning from war. Flags that were unique to each small town waved proudly as the soldiers departed from their trains. Patriotic music that was common to each town competed with the rumble of the train engines and clapping hands.

As the cheering subsided, the soldiers from the two small towns got back upon their trains. While on the same track and traveling toward one another, the two trains met and their soldiers fought.

On behalf of their god and country, the two small towns from the opposite ends of the world, yet still in the hands of the One who made them, had sent their children to fight one another to secure their ?freedoms and religions.?

Thane M. Schwartz


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