Letters (Week of Oct. 1 2008)

Brubachers grateful for public thanks



We thank our many friends in and around Hillsboro. We have been overwhelmed by the kindness and support expressed by so many of you as we have prepared for the move to Michigan.

The back page of last week?s Free Press was totally unexpected and much appreciated. If we knew who contributed, we would thank you personally, but since we can?t, we want you to know how truly blessed we feel by your friendship.

Although saying good-bye is painful, we leave Hillsboro with many fond memories. Hillsboro has been a great place for our sons to grow up. We are indebted to teachers, coaches, youth leaders, pastors, members of Park?view Church, and numerous friends who guided our boys along the way and touched our lives as well.

The relationships we developed with students and colleagues as we worked at Tabor and HHS are also treasures we will take with us. Hillsboro will always hold a special place in our hearts. We will miss you! May God bless you all.

Don and Janette Brubacher
Hillsdale, Mich.


Republican record is bigger national debt


In about one month we will go to the polls to select our next president. One of the issues most of us are concerned with is government spending and the national debt. Here are some interesting facts to consider.

Since World War II, there have been seven four-year presidential terms with Democatic presidents. The following lists the increase or decrease in U.S. debt as a percent of Gross Domes?tic Product: Roose?velt/ Truman -24.3 percent; Truman -21.9 percent; Kennedy/Johnson -8.2 percent; Johnson -8.3 percent; Carter -3.2 percent; Clinton -0.6 percent; Clinton -8.2 percent.

Average for seven Democratic four-year terms was 10.67 percent. Amazing! Every Demo?cratic president was able to leave office with less debt as a percent of GDP than when he came into office, and the average reduction was a negative 10.67 percent every four years.

Here are the records of the Republican presidents: Eisen?hower -10.8 percent; Eisenhower -5.4 percent, Nixon -2.9 percent; Nixon/Ford +0.1 percent; Reagan +11.3 percent; Reagan +9.2 percent; first Bush +13.1 percent; G.W. Bush +6.9 percent; G.W. Bush +3.9 percent.

Average for nine Republican four-year terms +2.8 percent increase every four years.

We owe the Chinese more than $1 trillion. Total national debt as a percent of GDP is projected to hit an astonishing 68.2 percent at the end of G.W.?s presidential term.

But the record reflects that it is the Republican presidents who have presided over this massive increase in national debt. And it is a fact that middle class America has seen their earning power erode, while wealthy Americans have been doing very well ?until last week.

It is just false to blame this on the Democrats, as it is the Republican presidents who have presided over the build up in our national debt. So think carefully when you go to the voting booth.

Allen Suderman

Simi Valley, Calif.

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