Letters (Week of Nov. 28, 2007)

Confusing comments from Speaker Neufeld


I?m confused about the comments made by House Speaker Melvin Neufeld as reported in the Nov. 21 Free Press.

Mr. Neufeld said carbon dioxide emissions are not a danger. Yet, most legitimate scientists warn us that carbon dioxide emissions from coal-fired electric plants are a major contributor to global warming.

Mr. Neufeld said a 5.5 percent increase in electric rates is predicted in the next five years because of the coal-plant denial and that we will have to buy expensive power from out of state. But some 85 percent of the power that has to be generated at the Holcomb plant was to be sold out of state.

Finally, Mr. Neufeld claims that last year the Montezuma wind farm generated electricity only 41 percent of the time. Does the western Kansas wind not blow 59 percent of the time?

Mr. Neufeld?s exaggerated claims reinforce my belief that Rob Bremby and Gov. Sebelius made the correct decision to deny the coal plant. Our safety and health are more important than a short-term economic benefit.

Bob Hoopes


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