Letters (Week of Nov. 12, 2008)

Obama: Protect the pre-born?s right to life


An open letter to Barack Obama….

I must admit I was part of the 49 percent of Americans who were not thrilled by your victory in the polls. Although the electoral college gave you a landslide victory, the actual count of voters gives you a slim margin over John McCain and should not be considered a ?mandate.?

I am not what you would call the typical conservative voter. Although I am registered as a Republican, I made that choice largely because registering as an independent gives you no voice in the primary elections.

Although I am by religious affiliation a Mennonite Breth?ren, known for our activism for peace and social justice, I can not with clear conscience be a part of the Democratic party, which openly supports the blatant taking of pre-born life, not only favoring the life of a mother over the life of the child, which can be given some moral consideration, but also allowing if not encouraging abortion in the 95-plus percent of cases when no health condition or extenuating circumstances such as incest or rape make the choice particularly harrowing.

Your voting and policy record shows that you even believe a child who is already born should not receive the life-preserving treatment that would be given any other newborn if that child?s birth resulted from a failed attempt at abortion.

Thus, in this new version of pro-abortion rights, not only is an unborn child?s life not worthy of any consideration, but a born child, a newborn baby, is considered refuse since its mother or father does not want it.

This is a blatant travesty of human rights, especially in a time when safe-haven laws across the nation give children a chance at safety and health when parents cannot cope and couples look overseas when adoptive children cannot be easily found on American shores.

I hope that in your term as president you can look past the rhetoric of the abortion debate, the popularity of political posturing and even the platform of your party and consider what is moral, what is right, and what is American. Our Constitution guarantees the right to life and our Creator gave it sanctity.

The laws that allow abortion do not reflect constitutional necessity, as abortion being part of a right to privacy is ludicrous, but represent the flawed decision of men and women under pressure to make our throw-away society easier for those who value their own way of life above the very lives of others.

When it comes your time to pass or veto legislation, choose cabinet members and appoint judges, please consider the facts, the morals and ethics, and the future of America?s most vulnerable members. Choose life.

Debbie Miller


Blood donations touched many lives


It is wonderful to think of all the lives that will be touched by the blood donations given at the American Red Cross blood drive in Hillsboro on Oct. 27.

We had 71 people who came in to donate.

We hope each person who donated will share this positive experience with someone who has never donated before. The No. 1 reason people do not give blood is because they are not asked.

Our next Red Cross blood drive is schedule for Monday, Dec. 29. If you would like to help, please call one of us.

Gladys Funk (947-3517)

Shirley Kasper (947-5719)


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