Letters (Week of May 21, 2008)

City workers? efforts are appreciated


This letter is long overdue. Last week I saw something that reminded me I still hadn?t written to offer my thanks and appreciation to our city workers.

Last winter when we had our big ice storm, there were trees and branches down all over the city. What a mess! One evening I was watching the news and noticed that in a larger city nearby, they were reporting that the ?city would not be responsible to clean up the mess.? It was up to each owner to get their debis hauled away, or they could pay to have it done.

The next day I read in the Hillsboro Free Press that if owners would drag their broken branches to the curb, the city crews would get to it as soon as they could.

I thought, "Hillsboro is a great place to live!"

Now, just last week, I happened to be outside when the sanitation crew came by to collect the garbage. I noticed neighbors had a large trash bin next to their house, overflowing with garbage. They had forgotten it was trash day and not moved their garbage to the curb.

I was so surprised when I saw the sanitation crew stop the truck, walk up to the house and get the trash bin to dump it in the truck. To me they went above the call of duty. That is what happens in small towns. People look out for eachother and help when they can.

These are only two examples of how are city workers take care of Hillsboro. I haven?t mentioned the quick speed in returning power when the electricity is off or all the thought and work that goes into keeping our water safe, or the hard work that goes into keeping our streets smooth.

Hillsboro is not perfect and it is always easy to be negative, but I think the citizens of Hillsboro have a lot to be thankful for.

I?m happy to live in Hills?boro.

Brenda Sechrist

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