Letters (Week of March 5, 2008)

Truck drivers aren?t endangering kids


In regard to the article written about the Marion City Council meeting, principally the truck traffic issue, one comment was made about endangering children who play in that area.

The truck drivers that use that facility are respected community members. Most are loving involved parents and uncles. They are careful and attempt to be as considerate as they can. They are our friends and neighbors. They are out all week, sometimes two or three weeks, working hard so their families have a good income and that everyone in America can get the goods they need.

All they ask is for a safe place to park their trailers while they spend a few precious hours with their families. But to assume that these men are not taking great care in an area that has children is hurtful and wrong.

If given the choice, I would prefer to have 15 truck drivers like these men going up and down my road than 15 of the young adults who go past my house every day bass-rattling my windows, talking on their cell phone at 45 mph in a residential area, paying no attention to other traffic or what?s going on around them.

You can talk of inconvenience all you want, or of the cost of road maintenance, but please, do not malign these men by comments of carelessness when it comes to what most of these men value above all?children.

Tammy McKinnis Inge

Isn?t consumption the real problem?


All this push for green, is that going to stop consumption? Or are we just trying to cover it up? Why is it all right to buy and consume oil from other countries but it?s wrong to drill for oil in our own country?

Are environmentalists pure? Who are they?

Isn?t environmentalists? attitude about oil really about hating capitalism and the free enterprise system because it exposes our greed? Harry Bennett decries the millions spent on lobbying by coal companies (Letters, Feb. 20). What about the millions spent on lobbying by environmentalists?

Government, through the influence of environmentalists, has made laws and regulations to take control by blaming us, the people, as being greedy, thereby taking away those things that were guaranteed us by our Constitution.

Is the problem Big Oil, Big Coal, etc., or self-indulgence? Isn?t our consumption of oil and coal a reflection of our indulgence, not the cause of our indulgence?

What government would promote a policy of consume, consume, indulge, indulge, at the expense of the people?s right to self-governance and personal responsibility. Then in the end blame its citizens for irresponsibility to legitimize its power to rule over its citizens?

Jerry Plett


HCF deserves ?pat on the back? for service


I would like to thank the Board of Directors of the Hillsboro Community Foundation for contributing $1,000 to Marion County Emergency Medical Services.

These funds will be used to purchase a new airway mannequin that will be used each year to teach and train emergency medical technicians to insert an airway device in the case of a respiratory or cardiac emergency. This technique is a practical exam that is tested at the state board exams.

With your help in purchasing this equipment, our personnel will be able to maintain current training requirements. Your generosity will not only help those in their training, but could eventually be the deciding factor in saving someone?s life. Therefore, you have made a valuable contribution to the future of many.

When I attended your award presentation, I was impressed with your foundation?s generosity. The recipients are varied and cover a majority of the community?s needs.

Your foundation should stand as an example of what the people of a small community can do to improve our communities. You deserve an appreciative pat on the back for the investment in you community.

I pray for your success in continuing such a valuable investment for you community.

Again, thank you for your grant to our service, and may we both continue to serve our communities and the county to the best interests of our citizens.

Steven Smith, director
Marion County Emergency Medical Services


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