Letters (Week of June 27, 2007)

Corrections needed for recent article


For the most part I was pleased with the article about me in the June 13 issue, but I want to make a few corrections.

The first is about my previous employment. I lived in McPherson 14 years and in Wichita 16 years, where I worked as district manager for a safety company. I stepped down from this position after the deaths of my parents six days apart.

My next position was as a senior associate at a children?s furniture store. I had to step down from this position after an immobilizing car accident.

Because of my love for animals, my last position was a receptionist and veterinary assistant.

With the impending birth of my first grandchild in the area, I decided to move closer so I could be an active grandmother. I?m blessed to find a community like Lehigh for my new home.

Because of the rising cost of gasoline, I knew I couldn?t continue to commute to Wichita. So when the ad appeared for the coordinator position with the Department of the Elderly, it seemed natural to apply. When I was offered the position of director, I accepted it with great joy. I felt this was an opportunity of a lifetime to work with senior citizens again, which I have always had a great love for.

The second correction was about my daughter, who is changing her career. She will be going into daycare, which will enable her to work and be with her new son, not daughter. My daughter, Kimberly, and Cody met in preschool and later in life they met again.

The third correction is that volunteer Virginia Downing has been with the department for 15 years. Lanell Hett, secretary and transportation coordinator, has been with the department for 25 years. Their tremendous knowledge will make the transition much easier.

Jayne E. Gottschalk, director

Marion Co. Dept. for the Elderly


Many little nations under many gods


No one comes to God but through his son. And those who shut their eyes and ears to the voice of Christ have unknowingly come to an unfamiliar god through their own understanding, imagination and creation, and use such a god to substantiate ?fighting? for their religious and political freedoms, as do the ones in whom they war against.

America has become many little nations under many gods, and if it were truly founded upon godly principles, then there would have been no Civil War, nor the slaughter and internment of the American Indians.

When Jesus tells us to love our enemies, what he meant by that was that we are not to kill them either.

Thane M. Schwartz


Thanks to those who gave blood June 22


We want to thank all who gave blood and those who helped during the American Red Cross drive June 22 in Hillsboro.

Summer is a critical time to keep our blood supply available because of the extreme need during the summer months.

We collected 54 pints. Thank you for giving?you may have saved a life.

Gladys Funk, Shirley Kasper

Blood-drive coordinators