Letters (Week of June 18, 2008)

Another perspective on concert conflict


In regard to the article in the June 4 issue (Countywide), the Florence Labor Day Committee feels the facts should be stated publicly in regards to the Marion County Firefighters Association meeting that ?doused? the conflicts between our 71st annual Labor Day venue and the MCFA?s first concert event.

1. No Florence Labor Day Committee member was contacted by the MCFA. Yes, we were aware of the meeting, but only through a resident of Florence.

2. It was stated at the meeting that the Labor Day Committee, in regard to this conflict, had never contacted the MCFA. The Labor Day Committee met with the MCFA in January 2007 to politely suggest the MCFA not compete with our long-standing three-day Labor Day Celebration by relocating its afternoon events and meal to Florence. This would allow the MCFA to raise funds during its events without competing with the Florence Labor Day Celebration.

We were informed by the MCFA that this relocation option could be seen as supporting the Florence Labor Day Celebration. While we understand this position, we can?t understand the decision to compete directly against us.

3. Not only has the Florence Labor Day Committee met with the MCFA as a group, we have personally visited with several other high-ranking MCFA members?outside of our own fire department members?in regard to this conflict. We again politely suggested that they consider moving their event to another weekend to eliminate the conflict with our 70-year-old tradition.

Our hope is that in 2009, our long-standing tradition will no longer be in competition with other events.

The Florence Labor Day Committee would like to extend our gratitude to our concerned citizens for their support and efforts in attempting to work out the conflict with the MCFA.

Also, we invite everyone to attend our 71st annual Florence Labor Day Celebration, Aug. 30, 31 and Sept. 1.

Submitted by Reilly Reed

for the Florence Labor

Day Committee

Lost Spring mayor resigns from office


An open letter to the citizens of Lost Springs….

The purpose of this letter is to formally announce my intention to resign as mayor of Lost Springs. My reasons are personal, as I have ?too many things on my plate,? as it were.

Sickness and injury in my family, for which I need to devote more time, are primary reasons. The unpredictable circumstances of my employment is the other.

The latter has been reason for some to say, ?Where?s the mayor when we need him?? and ?He doesn?t care.? Although I appreciate the opportunity to serve the community, the time is right to leave.

Although there have been positives to my time, the negatives have taken their toll. Being second guessed, falsely accused of things and slandered, as well as seeing my family persecuted every day, are reasons why it?s time for this ?outsider? to go.

In our small community, it?s unfortunate to see and hear what is thrown at my family almost daily. It is considered harassment in some realms of society.

The reality is, all I have tried to accomplish is to clean up our town and make it a place we are proud to call ?home.? That attempt at doing the right thing has been so bitterly opposed, and I can?t imagine why. It is setting the wrong example for our children and grandchildren. Kids don?t have a clue around here.

This is not an easy decision. Some will rejoice and others won?t. I apologize to those who are angered by this, but I need to do this for my family. I have submitted my letter to the city council.

The council may select a replacement, as per state law, at a later date.

Steven L. Seifert

Lost Springs

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