Letters (Week of July 2, 2008)

Blue Grass Festival worthy of coverage


Thank you Marion County, and especially Steve Hudson, for the wonderful Blue Grass Festi?val at the Marion County Lake last Saturday. The amphi?theater surrounding gave the perfect view of the sunset reflecting its beautiful colors on the lake while boats docked close by, children swam and families set their chairs or spread their blankets on the grassy hillside.

For two hours, the Blue Grass Band performed a variety of songs from sad to silly. They were great performers and musicians that would hold their own against any western band from Wichita.

As darkness covered the area, tiki lights were lit on the hillside and the stage was illuminated with colored lights. From the first knee-slapping song to the last, the 450-plus people clapped to the songs and enjoyed the evening. All of this was free, with donation boxes for those who chose to help with expenses.

One band member said he had never been to Marion County Lake. He was impressed with the beauty of the lake and said he would soon return.

This was a great venue for people from surrounding counties as well as Marion County to enjoy our beautiful lake and hopefully come back to camp, fish, boat, swim or just appreciate the peaceful beauty.

We look forward to the next music festival at the Marion County Lake and hope the newspapers in Marion County will deem it important enough to attend and report on this event.

Dick and Margie Schwartz
Marion County Lake residents

Volunteers ?rocked? at Hillsboro blood drive


Thank you to everyone who worked and gave blood at our special Red Cross Rock and Roll Blood Drive on June 26 at First Mennonite Church.

Music unites us all as human beings, and every time you give blood, you give life.

Despite the busy harvest season, we almost made our goal of 60 units collected. Fifty-six good units of blood were collected. There were seven first-time donors. Everyone made it a great day.

Thanks for rolling up your sleeves, you really do rock.

Shirley Kasper, co-chair

Gladys Funk, co-chair
Hillsboro Blood Drive

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