Letters (Week of Dec. 31, 2008)

We're being deceived

Government by its very nature is of itself, by itself and for itself. And we are paying them (the politicians and bur?eaucrats) to have that power. Aren?t these the people?s rights as guaranteed by our Constitu?tion? Wasn?t the Constitution written to protect our rights? Who is the government looking out for and with whose money, printed or otherwise? It?s looking out for itself and we, its children, are paying for it.

How is Pat Roberts proposing to set up so-called partnerships with the people? By us paying his salary? And what does he pay for the partnership? How does a partnership work if we pay for everything and the government pays for nothing. It has no money of its own.

Partnership is a deceitful way of taking away personal responsiblity. What are we anyway? Just the masses to be used by them so they can rule over us.

What do we expect from Bob Brookens? Will he protect our freedom to be self-reliant, independent and personally responsible? Or are we to be like little children who can?t feed and take care of ourselves? All the things they promise us are really our responsibility.

How have they performed?controlled crime, provided health, security, education, promoted family, moral responsibility? Are we really free? Isn?t freedom personal?

Do we not have the ability to do what is necessary to provide and care for ourselves? If we are incapable of providing for ourselves, how then do we have the resources to pay the taxes, fees, etc., by which government purportedly provides for us? We?re being deceived and just don?t want to believe that.

Do we think we can get something for nothing? What are we getting for our money? Nothing. Worse yet, self-destruction. As Moses said, ?Let my people go!?

Jerry Plett


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