Letters (Week of August 22, 2007)

Support made the 2007 fair a success


The Marion County Fair Association would like to thank all the people who helped make the 2007 Marion County Fair a success. Thanks to all of the volunteers that worked the events, all the people who showed up to see the attractions and everyone who paid their hard-earned money to attend the arena shows.

This year?s earlier fair date didn?t seem to be a deterrent. The carnival company was happy with its location and the number of tickets it sold and expressed interest in returning next year.

We tried a different event in the arena on Friday night that was met with mixed reviews, but the figure-8 races seemed to show promise.

The fair board is looking for ways to improve the fair every year and we will keep trying.

Thank you again to all who attended and made it a success.

Chuck McLinden

MCFA president


Abortion is a barbaric act too, isn?t it?


The recent stories about the involvement of a noted sports figure in dogfighting and cruelty toward dogs is indeed low human behavior. So angering that a congressman, upon hearing the news, stood up in the halls of the legislature and, shaking a fist, exclaimed, ?Barbaric! Barbaric!?

Agreed, Mr. Congressman, it is. But, people, do you realize right down the road in Wichita, barely 40 miles, there are unborn babies torn apart in an abortion clinic every day? Do we say ?Barbaric!?? Well, do we?

We need to see pictures on the television of what goes on in that abortion clinic when unborn babies are taken out in pieces?pictures like they showed of what goes on at dogfights. Then maybe we too would say, ?Barbaric!?

Wake up, people.

Anton Epp


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