Letters (Week of 7-30-08)

Vote Hannaford for state representative


Having graduated from Marion High School and being a former Marion resident, it is my great honor and privilege to write this letter endorsing Roger Hannaford for state representative.

As a lifelong resident of Marion County and a community business leader, Roger has demonstrated time and time again his commitment to the Republican principles I value.

Roger has gained my trust because he recognizes that our state faces very tough financial times. While state revenues continue to decrease and citizens? budgets are squeezed, Topeka politicians continue to fund renovations of the statehouse which, at current projections, will cost every family of four in Kansas nearly $500.

It is just this kind of wasteful spending that causes citizens to lose faith in their elected officials. I also know this is just the kind of waste Roger will fight to eliminate once elected.

I personally believe Roger is the best candidate to represent Marion County?s interests in Topeka. It is his kind of independent, common-sense thinking that is desperately needed in the capital.

I hope you?ll join me in supporting Roger Hannaford on Aug. 5.

James Meier



Vote Brookens for state representative


As the primary election approaches, I would encourage people to vote for Bob Brookens for state representative.

I have known Bob for many years, and he is dedicated to his family and his community. He will listen to the people and voice their concerns. He will study the issues carefully and work to make our opinions heard in Topeka. He is fair and knows how to work with a wide variety of people.

On Aug. 5, I encourage you to vote for Bob Brookens for state representative.

Gary Ewert


n In next week?s primary election, J. Robert (Bob) Brookens is a candidate for the Republican nomination for State Representative. He has been an attorney in Marion County for 30 years and has been very active in his church, Boy Scouts and other civic affairs.

I have known Bob for more than 20 years and consider him to be an itelligent, honest and sincere individual. He has a keen interest in state government and would be ready to go to work the day he arrived in Topeka. Bob has traditional Republican values and would work hard to assure quality public education, while spending tax dollars responsibly.

I plan to vote for Bob Brookens and suggest others do the same.

Bob Watson



n I have known and worked with Bob Brookens through the years, since I was mayor in Goessel. He has always been a man of the highest integrity. He gave great consideration to the matters at hand, and guided his decisions based on the best interests of his client, whether that was the city of Goessel or my family.

I have come to know his values and attitudes and have always found him fair-minded. I believe he is an excellent choice for state representative from the 70th District. His wealth of knowledge and the skills he will bring to the position are strong.

I urge you to vote for J. Robert Brookens on Aug. 5.

Dave Schrag



n We endorse Robert Brookens for state representative because of his integrity, competence and willingness to think through complex issues. He has the skills necessary to bring honest, thoughtful and compassionate government back to Kansas.

We have known Bob for almost a decade, and we have seen that he has strong moral character, as shown by his actions as a Scout leader and attorney. Under his calm demeanor is a person who is driven to do what is right.

Bob has obviously given much thought to the big issues that demand attention from our government. His statements at the public forum in Marion showed he is willing to tackle the pressing issues of health care, energy policy, agriculture and taxes.

Bob?s greatest statement at the forum was that he would always vote his conscience, even if he took heat for it. This tells us that he won?t engage in backdoor politics to appease special-interest groups. We have full confidence that his vote will always be well thought out and made with our best interests in mind.

The best candidate to serve our needs in Topeka as state representative is Robert Brookens.

Greg and Rose Davidson



Bush deserves credit for fall in gas prices


As I am sure everyone has noticed, the price for gas has dropped significantly over the past 11 days. It had been on a steady climb for months and was climbing faster day by day.

What a lot of people have missed is why it suddenly reversed itself. On July 19 President Bush announced the lifting of the presidential ban on drilling off the coasts and the next day crude oil prices dropped and have been dropping fast ever since.

What the speculators around the world saw was that America is getting ready to drill. Our falling prices are only temporary because once the Democrat Congress does nothing the fear that America will actually drill will fade.

I know NPR, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN will give no credit to Bush and say it is because we are conserving, but think about that for a second. Who among us has not been conserving for over the past year and the prices climbed daily?

I cannot drive any less than I have been for the last six months, and because I turned off my porch light last night is not the reason the gas prices fell. Check the oil future charts and you will see the correlation between Bush and the falling prices.

Once the world sees we are not really committed to drilling, the prices will rise again.

Steve Stafford


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