Letters to the editor (Week of December 24, 2008)

A few cautions about green-tea benefits


I am writing in response to your recent ?Healthy Hillsboro? articles about the benefits of green tea. With no disrespect intended toward its author, I would like to caution your readers to check with their health-care providers before starting any herbal preparations, as these should be treated just like any other medications.

Green tea does have many benefits as the articles explained. But it also contains significant amounts of vitamin K?more than even turnip greens?and therefore can aggravate blood-clotting problems. Especially if you are on Coumadin, you should not be drinking green tea.

Tea also contains caffeine unless it has been processed to remove this. Caffeine is a well-known stimulant which can worsen blood pressure and heart rhythms.

I agree that a person should try to find healthier alternatives than drinking pop. But try a balance of many non-alcoholic liquids, including water, natural fruit juice (no sugar added) or even low fat milk.

Karen Wheeler, ARNP


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