Letters to the editor (9-5-18)

Coop dust is everywhere
Hillsboro COOP Grain and Supply must have it in for the residents on the north end of town. 

The dust caused by traffic on the COOP grounds is bad enough on a quiet day but for some reason workers consistently choose to groom the grounds with a grader blade on the windiest days of summer. The process appears to require driving the tractor at high speeds. That raises so much dust one loses sight of the tractor and driver in the swirling dense cloud. All that dust becomes a continuous whirlwind moving north. 

With wind gusts exceeding 30mph, the onslaught continues for hours as the dust is whisked from the newly scarified surface and deposited in every living room on the north end of town, even blanketing businesses as far away as the pharmacy.

Granted, the grounds must periodically be groomed but COOP seems to ignore the requests to do the grooming on quieter days.

Quiet days in Kansas are far and few between but they do occur and with some of the recent moisture to hold down the dust, grading the COOP property could be less invasive to the residents. We’re trying to be good neighbors to the COOP and maybe some reciprocal consideration is in order.

Stan Thiessen