Letters to the Editor (8-21-18)

Things aren’t the way they used to be in Marion County

Hillsboro recently held a Farmers Market in the city park. The event was advertised to include meals for purchase.

There were two tables of vendors, one with baked goods, the other with what appeared to be garage sale items. The event was scheduled to last only a couple hours. The food for meals ran out an hour prior to the scheduled close of the event.

Generally, Marion County used to host vibrant celebrations in the communities but they all seem to have gone downhill. The Hillsboro Farmers Market was reminiscent of the recent county fair.

Community pride is an important asset, especially in an environment of our outrageous taxes, no jobs and no value in your most important investment, your home.

In the future, the community may prefer to commit resources to better planned events.

Stan Thiessen


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