Letters to the Editor (8-1-18)

Community Band was a success

Thank you to all who performed with and/or supported the Hillsboro High School and Community Band in the Marion County Fair Parade. Each of the musicians gave their time for an evening rehearsal and the parade.

The high school band members performing were Noah Bartel, Rylie Daniels, Malorie Hein, Charlie Major, Grace Major, Callie Plenert, and Thelma Wilson. Joining the high school band members were Paul Epp, Tim Butler, Steve Hanneman, Shelby Johnson, and Brad Just.

Thanks to all the musicians for contributing their time, energy, and talent to provide musical entertainment for the parade. Thank you, too, to Kevin and Angie Jost of Jost Fabrication for graciously providing the truck and trailer for the band’s performance, and to Dan Pohlmann for driving.

Finally, thank you to all of you along the parade route who showed your appreciation for the band. Your support was sincerely appreciated.

Bruce Major

USD 410 Band Director

Election could be
profound for county

Aug 7 is Election Day; this 2018 election year carries a profound opportunity for all of Marion County. District 1 will be voting for a county commissioner to be their representative, something in my opinion this district has not had for years.

The reason I say this election is profound is because the District 1 voters will elect not only their representative, but this elected person will be instrumental in decision making that will effect us all. As I stated many times, I believe everyone needs to attend commission meetings and pay attention to what really goes on during decision-making. Based upon the public attendance, I think it’s safe to say at a minimum 90 percent of our local citizens are uniformed to the truth and facts.

There are three candidates running for this position. First, there is the incumbent who some say is a nice person and a friend. That may be the case, and most candidates are nice people. But a friend! Elections are not about being a friend. In fact, a friend cannot make fair and unbiased decisions, something this incumbent has proven many times over. For example, we the people reimbursed a friend for a sprinkler head that was damaged because it was wrongly installed on a county roadway where a road grader ran over it. Then, we the people reimbursed the unauthorized purchase of road rock, by a residents who is obviously a good friend. This is just two of several decisions made friend to friend.

We must elect people with the capacity to make sound financial decisions for the wellbeing of all.

In viewing the tax and spend voting record of the incumbent, there’s a consistent pattern of financial irresponsibility. Why is it when a county department is broken or inefficient, his only solution is to throw more money at it. Currently two major departments, road and bridge and EMS, are in financial peril! The problems and issues here are sure to increase when their exorbitant and unnecessary budget request/demands for 2019 are approved. I’m convinced this mismanagement of tax payer money is why Marion County is one of the highest tax mil levies in the state.

Finally, is anyone embarrassed by this representative’s secret meetings and multiple KOMA violations?What disgusts me the most is he continually denies the truth, even when he gets caught! Honestly, don’t we have enough of this kind of BS going on in Washington, D.C.? Do we really need it here in Marion County?

The good news is there are two other candidates campaigning throughout the 1st district voicing their concerns and dissatisfaction with the status of our commission and the impact it is having statewide on Marion County. I won’t say much about either of these two candidates since neither has been a commissioner and has no track record being such. I hear rumor these candidates have an axe to grind. Really? Well, don’t you think we all should have an axe to grind, with the way the commission has repeatedly abused their authority while we, the people, are stuck paying the price.

Here is the bottomline, if the people of District 1 are pleased with their current representative’s behavior and decision-making, and if they cast their votes for him, that is their right and the rest of us Marion County residents will just have to suck it up.

On the other hand, if you’re sick and tired of years of the same ole stagnant economy, a dysfunctional commission, good ole boy favors, high taxes, poor roads, sneaking behind closed doors, dishonesty, no voice or your district, etc, then this is your opportunity to make a bold step and vote for one of the new candidates. What do you have to lose?

Carl Stovall

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