Letters to the Editor (6-6-18)

HHS columnist’s piece was stellar

Kudos to Hillsboro High’s journalism department and all students who participated in the Kansas State Press Association’s competition. You all earned that state title.

I want to especially single out Maddy Daniels, whose editorial in the May 30 Free Press was stellar. Maddy, your “report” in the paper held my attention throughout, and I eagerly awaited the “results” as you laid them out for us all to read.

You have a gift—the gift of writing; and you have two high school years left to further hone your skills. I have little doubt that your teacher/sponsor is proud of the work you all put in.

Bob Brookens


Columnist should check his facts

Regarding the opinion piece by Paul Penner titled, “Shooting ‘outrage’ seems futile” (May 23 issue). I would like to point out one grossly inaccurate statement he made.

According to Paul, Kan­sas does not reciprocate concealed-carry permits with California, while California reciprocates with Kansas. This is exactly backward. Kansas reciprocates with all states, while California reciprocates with none, nada, zilch.

I have no idea where Mr. Penner gets his facts, but in what is becoming more and more the norm of “journalists,” they don’t much care if their “facts” are true and accurate.

Of course, since this is an opinion piece, maybe facts are not important. I don’t even care to attempt to discuss his item list of things that must be done, other than to say I vehemently disagree with a number of them.

Charles Clark


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