Letters to the Editor (6-12-19)

“Green” Energy for Marion County?

Proponents of wind energy, including elected officials at all levels, have unfortunately been misled by non-factual assumptions. The general population has also been seriously misled as to the short and long-term efficacy and ‘utility’ of this energy source.

To begin with, the suggestion that current global CO2 concentration is somehow harmful is based on totally incorrect assumptions. Contrary to the United States Supreme Court ruling in Massachusetts v. Environmental Agency (2007), CO2 is no more a pollutant than the air we breathe. In earth’s history, CO2 levels were many times higher than today, and we see no actual evidence related to the suggestion that CO2 causes temperatures to rise in the very open system of earth’s atmosphere.

What the actual evidence shows is that temperature drives CO2, with a time lag on the order of hundreds of years, with temperatures fluctuating both up and down. CO2 absolutely and unequivocally does NOT drive temperature. The evidence supporting this is contained in Ice Cores from many locales, e.g. Greenland, Antarctica, as well as other evidence-based proxies, not models that have proven to fail time and again.

What drives the temperature is a combination of a very complex interplay of primarily the sun and ongoing internal motion inside the earth, such as volcanic activity, as well as ocean currents and many other contributing factors. All the evidence suggests that the contribution from human activity is barely detectable. As a matter of actual fact, you could place the entire population of the earth, approximately 7 billion people, if each person was spaced 6 feet x 6 feet, inside a space 95 miles by 95 miles. That is equivalent to about 3.6% of the entire land area of Texas. Be generous and multiply that by a factor of 10 to accommodate the infrastructure around us.

The notion that we must somehow contain CO2, and even reverse global concentrations to some prior timeframe is just not based on actual evidence.

Furthermore, the suggestion that CO2 is driving sea level rise is again based on misguided research that simply does not hold up to scrutiny. We have real time access to tide gauges scattered across the globe, with records dating back to 1807. At Brest, France, the record shows that the actual rate of sea level rise has been almost exactly 1 mm/year, or 100 mm/century since that date. That calculates to 0.1 meter, or 0.328 feet, or just under 4 inches per century.

That figure is close to the overall average of all 325 stations with significant tide gauge records. Anyone that tries to send an alarmist message of a 6-foot rise in sea level by 2100 is living in a fantasy world. Additionally, the rate of sea level rise is linear–that means that it is not accelerating, as some would suggest. There is no evidence whatsoever to support the claim that the rate of sea level rise is accelerating. We also know that in certain areas land subsidence yields the indication that sea level is rising there, as in Miami Beach, Florida–and we have places like Sitka, Alaska where the landmass is rising, yielding the apparent result of sea level dropping at a rate of approximately 9 inches per 100 years. Needless to say, this planet is a very dynamic place.

As to the matter at hand for Marion County, Kansas, the far more important consideration related to wind farm development is that of personal property value. Contrary to what you have been told by wind developers, there is no doubt whatsoever that property values both inside the footprint, and out to a distance of at least 2 miles, will potentially decrease from 20-50%. This is based on actual numbers compiled by qualified appraisers who have examined records at multiple locations across the United States and Canada.

There are actual occurrences where landowners inside industrial wind complexes have simply abandoned their property due to the very real health effects they have experienced–and they have found there is virtually no market to sell their property.

You may think that renewable energy is ‘green’ and will help mankind avoid catastrophe, but nothing could be further from the truth. The rare materials required to construct industrial wind turbines are not cheap, and the world’s largest supplier of rare earth elements is none other than China. The mining activities associated with obtaining these materials is not conducive to anything ‘green’.

The only thing that is ‘green’ about this entire scheme is the financial flow of dollars going into the accounts of investment bankers, wind developers and utilities.

Dennis Hedke


*Former member of the Kansas House of Representatives 2011-2016

Bakery calling it quits after three years

We wanted to take a moment and let you know just how special you are to us. For the last three years, you have allowed the FamLee Bakery to serve your needs and to be a part of your lives. We have thoroughly counted it an honor to be a part of all the birthdays, anniversaries, office parties, family gathering and other celebrations.

We are sorry to announce June 29th, 2019 will be the last day of business for the FamLee Bakery. As you can imagine this was a very difficult decision to make, and it was not without tears shed. We have made so many wonderful friends in Marion, Hillsboro, Peabody, Florence and Cedar Point and so may others beyond the boundaries of our county.

But at this time in our lives the needs of our children and the importance of providing a foundational family life dictates that we place our dreams on hold. Our focus now is on raising our children and giving them the time they need for being a family. Please understand that this decision was not made lightly, and we deeply appreciate the support we have received from the community that has made the bakery such a success. It is our prayer that we will be able to sell the building and equipment to someone who would carry on serving your needs in a great location. If any persons have gift-certificates, please be sure to come and redeem them because we’d love seeing you and providing you with your favorite baked goods.

All of you have been so splendid with your support and your faithfulness to the bakery. Thank you all so much. We look forward to seeing y’all as we are staying in the community and will continue to be a part of the Marion family. Thanks again!

The FamLee Bakeryl

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