Letters to the Editor (1-17-18)

Thank city crews for their service

We owe our city crews a huge debt of gratitude. Over the holidays, while we were sitting in our cozy warm homes, overeating and watching Christmas shows of football, city crews were out in brutally cold weather, fixing waterline breaks.

I worked for the city years ago, and even in good weather, fixing a waterline breaks wasn’t a place you would want to be. You’re in a trench, slopping around in 4-12 inches of sticky mud and muck.

By the time you’re done, you’re wet from the waist down and everything is covered in sticky mud—your boots, gloves, pants shovels and tools.

Now add the brutally cold weather hovering around zero. I doubt any of us would be willing to work in such miserable conditions to keep the city going.

So, the next time you see the city crews, give them a thumbs up or thank them for their service.

Joe Alvarez and Mike Duerksen deserve a special thanks. Every year during their 30 years of city service they have to work in some miserable conditions to keep our city going.

Mark Pankratz


Watching two

mirrors arguing

Regarding Bob Woelk’s Jan. 10 column: You say you serve God and that your actions are “Christ-like.” I don’t see it. You are no different than those you accuse. It’s like watching two mirrors argue. The only difference is which image of truth is real, to the one who writes or the one that reads.

I choose neither. I see both as an attempt to “gain the world.” Both are dangerous spiritually if their message is accepted, because both would have me see good instead of God. It would have me take my eyes away from Christ’s message of salvation to focus on controlling my surroundings while claiming the “right to” in God’s name—even though neither side is true.

I don’t see either mirror teaching me Titus 3:1-11 or Matthew chapters 5-7 without augmenting what it says for the glory of their cause or mission. Both mirrors hear and see what they want to hear and see about the other and themselves. So be it.

Lance Booker