Letters (Sept. 22, 2010)

America has been

betrayed by its leaders


Our president, as well as other elected or appointed leaders, continue the betrayal of America. They are not the first. This is a continuing pattern since 1945, but there is a sudden alarming indifference toward the constitutional protections of American citizens.

People, do you realize persons 65 years old have never seen America win a war? This school year, children going into the fourth grade have not lived a day of America at peace.

I remember Pearl Harbor was attacked the December 1941 that I was in kindergarten and Japan unconditionally surrendered in September 1945, ending World War II in three years and nine months. That?s because World War II was fought with intent for victory.

After World War II, Truman helped form the U.N. When Truman was asked at the first U.N. meeting, ?Shall we open with Bible reading and prayer?? ?No,? was his answer, ?we don?t want to offend Stalin.? That day political correctness was born?the fear that truth might offend someone, so silence it.

Then came Korea. Gen. MacArthur was named commander of our forces. He assessed the situation and said, ?We will bomb the hell out of North Korea and our boys will be home by Christmas.?

Truman flew out to an Island in the Pacific, where he met with MacArthur and fired him for making ?battlefield policy.? I will leave it to you, the reader, to decide who was best qualified to make battlefield decisions.

That was the day our military was handed to the U.N.?the organization that hates God, America, the family, the middle class and Israel. The U.N. has dragged America into NATO, Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Nicaragua, Bosnia, Kosovo, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The U.N., where on Sept. 11, 2001, diplomats from other nations in the U.N. building watched the Twin Towers collapse on the TV monitors and cheered and applauded and yelled: ?Yeah, America you?re getting what you deserve.?

Using the excuse of U.N. intervention, our presidents, like nice little U.N. errand boys, have for decades sent our fine young men to bleed and die in wars caused by the U.N. We furnish weapons, then fix up everything at American taxpayer expense.

Our government owes an apology to every soldier sent to Korea and all wars since with no intent for victory.

Let?s talk about how confused our military is. We send young men to boot camp and train them to be killers and warriors. That?s what soldiers do, that?s their job. When sent to war, they kill as many of the enemy as quickly as they can. That brings a quick victory with the least loss of life on both sides and the least destruction of property.

That was the way we fought World War II. Today, there are justified concerns that our soldiers are standing around playing peacekeeper and getting shot at. If he dares to shoot back in defense of himself and comrades, he is brought home and court-martialed. There are 10 soldiers in Fort Leavenworth serving 10- to 40-year sentences for that.

Families report that sons and husbands say the rules of engagement are slanted in favor of the enemy. You can?t return fire unless ordered to do so. These rules are giving the enemy the advantage at the risk of the soldier?s life.

Another family, after speaking to members of their son?s unit were told, ?They could not return fire until ordered and that led to the death of your son and others.?

Mean?while, the enemy wears no uniform. So how do you know who is a civilian and who is about to kill you? A father said his son, ?Felt more like a Peace Corps worker than a warrior and his comrades had the same concerns.?

We have no leadership in the Pentagon that has ever won a war. They have no taste for victory, they have never known victory, how can they lead men to victory?

People, that?s where America is today. Our leaders have sunk so low and lost our moral compass. We need to kick the U.N. out of America. Tell the rest of the world to fix your own problems. Bring home all our military forces, secure our borders, and clean our own house. And don?t dare touch our Second Amend?ment right as Americans.

We have seen for decades the days are getting darker for America. An Old Testament prophet asked God, ?Why do we have such wicked kings one after another?? God answered, ?That?s the kind of people you are. When you return to me, I will return to you and heal your land.?

I don?t buy all this stuff that our military is in some foreign land fighting for my freedom. The terrorists were in this country for years before 9-11. Due to our lax security, they continue to enter America in increasing numbers.

Americans, examine well your priorities. What is worth living for and dying for? You may have to defend them on American soil sooner than you think.

Anton H. Epp


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