Letters (Sept. 16, 2009)

Thanks for the blood donations Sept. 11


Thank-you to everyone who participated in the American Red Cross blood drive in Hillsboro Sept. 11.

We were excited to see so many come to donate. We exceeded our goal for a total of 69 units received.

We are proud of our community for helping ensure lifesaving blood is available for patients in hospitals throughout our area.

As a blood donor or volunteer, each of you has helped the Red Cross fulfill its mission of a safe and ample blood supply.

We hope you will all look forward to saving more lives at our next drive Nov. 16 at the Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church.

Gladys Funk, Shirley Kasper

Hillsboro co-chairs


Who are the real fear mongers out there?


The recent column on ?fear mongers? (Free Falling, Sept. 9) basically seems to be about opposition to the government?s comprehensive health-care bill, HR 3200, now before Congress.

Question: Have you read it? Are you just going by what the proponents of the bill say? One thousand pages of print is a lot of reading. It is possible to put a lot of little things here and there that most people don?t even know are there.

From experience, know this: If someone wants you to sign a contract, it doesn?t make any difference what they tell you is in the contract. The only thing that counts is what is written.

So it is with legislation. While I haven?t read it (my eyes are not up to it anymore), I have tried to get reliable information about it.

First, President Obama, his staff and leading Democrats have said many times they want a bipartisan approach to health-care reform, and so far the Republicans have offered nothing.

Fact: Before the August recess, Republicans had introduced three comprehensive bills on health-care reform, also many (more than 10) bills to change certain parts of the current law.

As I see it, President Obama is not telling the truth. Maybe he is just very ignorant of what is going on, or maybe he is deliberately lying to us.

Even the mainstream media is now admitting he lied about coverage for illegal aliens.

I learned a long time ago that once you know someone deliberately has lied to you, don?t ever believe them again unless you have outside proof it is true.

Second, the ?death panel??true, these words are not used. However, it does say a government panel or committee will have final say what procedures you may receive. Joint replacement, heart care, cancer, whatever other treatment you may need, all under its control.

In many cases to deny treatment is a death sentence. Does that scare you?

I would not have received my last pacemaker (over $200,000) or even my first one if it had been up to a committee.

Over the years, I have had dealings with many government committees in different areas. I have found that when push comes to shove, you do what they want. How can anyone imagine that a health-care board would be any different?

Third, end-of-life counseling by a government board as well as Medicare payment for assisted suicide?is that plain enough?

Fourth, payments for abortions for everybody.

These are just some of the things I have learned from research, not talk-show hosts. However, it only confirms what show hosts who have read the bill (some, two or more times) are saying.

Scare tactics and fear-inducing rhetoric by opponents to the bill? What do you call government leaders, Democrats and media that are charging the people at town hall meetings and tea parties with being un-American, unpatriotic Nazis and terrorists? These are only the nicer of the names.

I find it strange how, when the liberals were out of power, they insisted on their right to free speech and to demonstrate (some of them quite violently). Now in power, they want to limit free speech and complain about demonstrations and assembly.

In the liberal view, it seems you are only a radical when you oppose what they want. Sorry, I don?t buy it.

It seems to be totally beyond the liberals? understanding that U.S. citizens use their brains to decide what is best for the country. That the thousands of people coming to the tea parties are concerned about the future of our country. They don?t belong to any organization. They are concerned citizens who think for themselves whereas a liberal thinks people should be like sheep and blindly follow the leader.

I had a schoolteacher many years ago who told us over and over: If you don?t use your brain to benefit yourself, someone else will use it for their benefit. The liberal mindset is: We will think for you.

I agree with his point about making decisions for yourself: To the best of your ability get the facts, not what some proponent or opponent says, whether it be the government or the media or any spokesperson.

Then use your mind, not emotion, to decide your position.

Ted McIrvin


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