Letters (Oct. 8, 2013)

It?s time to abolish the death penalty

I just received a newsletter from the Kansas Coali?tion against the Death Penalty. Apparently that organization is hosting a meeting to renew interest in their cause.

Here are a few reasons for abolishing capital punishment:

1. Capital punishment risks executing innocent people. In recent years, several death sentences were canceled due to errors or misconduct on the part of the judicial system.

2. Capital punishment wastes money. Death penalty cases cost 70 percent more than similar cases that pursue life imprisonment without parole. These costs include multiple appeals and additional attorney?s fees.

3. I?find it very difficult to be attracted to a religion that condones killing people who have killed people to teach that it is wrong to kill people.

4. The death penalty is painful to the families of murder victims. It drags them through an agonizing process from which they never experience closure.

5. Capital punishment is inconsistent and unfair. Differences occur according to location, quality of the attorney, race of the victim and the offender.

6. Capital punishment does not deter violent crime.

7. Capital punishment violates the belief that all human life is sacred, even that of murderers.

8. Capital punishment cases tie up the court system.

This is the time to encourage your legislators to support abolishing the death penalty in Kansas.

Paul G. Jantzen,

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