Letters (Oct. 23, 2013)

Cemetery theft was a hurtful act

Oct. 14, 2003, is the day we lost our 21-year-old son, Brett Cushenbery, in a bull-riding accident. Oct 14, 2013, was the 10th anniversary of his death and the same day we discovered that someone had stolen all the solar lights off of his grave.

The other graves with lights were untouched, so we do not believe this was any kind of coincidence. How anyone could do such a cruel thing to a young man who never hurt anyone is beyond me. The disrespect shown to our son and to our family is unbelievable.

Eventually the person or persons who committed this crime will be found out as this is a small community and someone knows something. If not, we have the assurance that judgment will be shown to them in the end. You have to live with yourself and what you have done for the rest of your life.

We came from Wichita thinking we had moved into a very nice Christian community where things like this would not happen, but apparently we were mistaken.

We are extremely upset over the loss and grave robbery that was done to Brett?s grave. This should never happen in any cemetery; it is a sacred place.

We would like to have the lights back, and if anyone should see the lights?an angel with colored light, two crosses, a cracked glass globe with colored light and four smaller regular lights?we would appreciate it if you would call the police or us to let someone know so they could be prosecuted.

We would like nothing better than to expose the person or persons who perpetrated this on our son?s grave at the Durham Park Ceme?tery.

Larry and Yvonne Cushenbery


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