Letters Oct. 1st

What is the truth about Wal-Mart?

At the Aug. 19 Hillsboro City Council meeting, City Administrator Larry Paine explained three times to a roomful of business owners that Wal-Mart?s purchase contraction option would end Sept. 8, 20 days after the utility easement was vacated.

Now the business owners have been told that Wal-Mart?s contract will not end until the last legal requirement for development is met: approval of a building permit. I have never heard of issuing a building permit before you purchase the property. Is this standard procedure?

Many of the business owners? questions were met with resistance and disdain from Paine. He stated the questions were irrelevant, insignificant or a non-issue at this point in the process.

A request for information that is legally allowed by the Kansas Open Meetings Act and Open Records Act was met with resistance and excuses due to lack of time. Is this legal?

Was the mayor?s ?confidentiality agreement? with Wal-Mart legal? I would like to see a copy of this.

Why are the mayor, city administrator and economic development director so adamant about making sure Wal-Mart gets into Hills?boro? City officials stated in the Sept. 10 Free Press that the recruitment policy of the city is to approach businesses that fill a need in the local business sector and not to bring in competing businesses. How is Wal-Mart not a competing business?

I don?t like playing politics, unless it involves questionable tactics by the elected mayor and the city administrator and economic development director employed by the city, concerning Hills?boro?s well-being.

A college professor has described ?politics? as ?poly,? meaning ?many,? and ?tics,? meaning blood-sucking parasites. How true.

Why are city council meetings held at 4 p.m. when working people can?t attend? It should be moved to 7 or 8 p.m. Or maybe that?s the point of 4 p.m. meetings.

Mark Pankratz


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