Letters (Oct. 10, 2012)

Businessman needed to improve economy

This is with concern about the Star Tribune Sack political cartoon of Sept. 26. It is in line with the Band of 550 attack on the GOP candidate for president. Those criticisms are overblown and distractions from what are the important issues for this time in our country.

We do have a free press with such shamefully biased media. The present administration is getting a free ride. The international situations are a blaring example of coverup and misfortune.

I would trust an experienced businessman before a politician, with no record of success, to improve our economy.

We are beginning to see signs of increasing problems in Marion County. Just one is that the commuters to high-paying jobs in larger cities are getting tired of high gas prices. Many are putting their houses on the market. We need them to stay for a healthy economy here.

M.J. Rogers


Farmers market had another good season

The end of September concluded our seventh season for the Hillsboro Farmers Market. Thank you, Amelia Breugem, for coming alongside me the past three seasons as a very willing and helpful co-manager.

We extend our thanks to Emprise Bank for generously offering the use of your courtyard, which enabled us to open our season on time, and for the extra work this brought you each week.

When the time came, we loved returning to our old location, made new, with the beautiful lawn and improvements to the grounds of the Schaeffler House. Thank-you to the city of Hillsboro for all you have done and continue to do to make our town an even better place to live.

We also appreciate our vendors who work hard, and the past several summers in drought conditions, to bring something homegrown or homemade each week, and you who come and buy local and also support the fundraiser meals.

Because of these meals, at least 45 organizations have benefitted in our community and beyond, as well as those they have helped, due to your support throughout the years.

In return, we hope you have also benefitted in gathering every Thursday evening as you got to know your neighbors a little bit better.

To see photos of this year?s market, visit Hillsboro KS Farmers? Market on Facebook.

Joni Calam

Hillsboro Farmers’ Market

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