Letters (May 9, 2012)

Public servants take pride in their service

May 7-11 has been declared National Public Service Recognition Week. The purpose of the designation is to draw attention to the many workers who positively impact our communities.

As Americans, we rarely think about the people who make our country the place it is. There are many who serve at the federal level, including our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines to those who deliver our mail.

At the state level, we have those who serve to build and protect our highways and watch over and protect our food supply.

Even at the local level, we have people serving to make Hillsboro a better place to live like teachers, ambulance drivers, police and firefighters, those who provide us safe drinking water, and those who maintain our road system so we can move around the community safely.

The people who do these jobs in the community do so with passion because they are doing a job that is above just working for self. Being able to improve the living conditions of those in your community brings a great deal of satisfaction to those of us who serve.

We ask that you take a moment and reflect on the work that is done on your behalf so your community remains a place of pride to you.

Larry Paine

City administrator


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