Letters (May 2, 2018)

Hillsboro hospital offers great care

Let me tell you what Rural Community Hospitals of America has done for Hillsboro. I was in Hillsboro Community Hospital for six days in February due to complication from the flu.

My primary physician, Alisa Schmidt, who also is chief medical advisor for the hospital, put together a program for my healing that in six days, I was released and healed except for some residual coughing following the flu.

The medical staff for the clinic and hospital, which also includes Dr. Gregory Erb and Josh Smith, physician assistant, are fine physicians. I rate them as equal or better than any general practitioners in America, except for special training and specialists. The technicians, nursing staff, X-ray and blood work and cafeteria are excellent.

My brother, two sisters and son asked me, “Are you in ICU?” I replied, “No, we don’t have one.” They said, “Aren’t you going to be transported to a larger hospital?” I said, “No.” If anyone does not need ICU, then in my opinion they should not leave Hillsboro.

I want to commend Rural Hospitals of America for a state-of-the-art hospital. According to Eagle Med Air Ambulance out of Topeka, we have the best helipad for rural hospitals in the state. There are no wires closer than 100 yeards, it is well-lighted, with a sidewalk to the emergency room of about 60 yeards.

I want to commend the Marion County commissioners who listened to the cries of Marion County residents for a full-time EMS. We have five ambulances in each of five communities: Hillsboro, Marion, Peabody, Florence and Tampa. EMS are highly trained professionals who work 12-hour shifts and are housed near their ambulances.

In my opinion, people should not bypass Hillsboro Community Hospital if you don’t need ICU. You do yourself and your family a disservice to drive 25 or 50 miles to visit you with fuel and time wasted. Think of the neighbors and good friends who could drive one mile to visit you. We have it in our backyard!

Richard Reimer


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