Letters (May 2, 2012)

Scammers may be calling local seniors

The Marion County Depart?ment on Aging last week received information from two individuals who received phone calls about a medical card to use with Medicare.

The caller wanted to verify the person?s address and phone number, then asked for banking account routing number. Once both of these individuals refused to give this information, the caller hung up.

This appears to be a scam. Many times scammers will target an area for a couple of weeks, then move on to another area before the word gets out.

Remember: Never give your Medicare number or banking information over the phone to anyone you do not know.

One of the potential victims asked how she could be sure the caller was being honest with her. The caller said she would give her office number at the end of the phone call, but there are no guarantees the phone number would have been legitimate.

It is important that we share this information with our friends and neighbors so we can all be safe.

Gayla Ratzlaff, coordinator

Marion County

Department on Aging

County provided us a great shopping trip

The Marion County Depart?We began our now annual Marion County shopping spree Saturday, April 21. Our early morning started with our first stop in Peabody and a good breakfast at Pop?s Diner. We then visited Linda at Maine Street Beautique, Jack Rabbit Hollow Bookstore and Flint Hills Gypsies.

Our next stop was Florence, where we shopped at Doyle Creek Mercantile and the This ?n That Shop.

We headed north to Marion, where we spent considerable time in the downtown area with stops at St. Luke?s Auxiliary Shoppe, Plantations, Bearly Makin-It Antiques, the What Not Shop, Aunt Bee?s, a nice coll refreshing treat at the Big Scoop and our final stop was at the Copper Shed.

Sorry, Hillsboro, but due to prior commitments, we ran out of time and your fine city will be our first stop next year.

We would like the readers to know what a great time we had. Everyone was so nice and helpful, and each of you should be proud to have such fun and interesting shops in your county.

Rose Stucky and friends,

Newton and Halstead

Grant enables kids to enjoy rec activities

We wish to thank the Hills?boro Area Impact Fund board members for awarding Hillsboro Elementary School another grant for our after-school programs this year. Several months have passed since we received this grant, but at this time of the year we come to really appreciate how much this grant helps us.

The majority of the money we received from the grant will go to students who would like to participate in Hillsboro Recreation Commission activities, but they don?t have the money for the registration fees.

After paying for 11 students to participate in JAM basketball this past month, it just seems important to let the community know what we do with this money and how much we appreciate this grant.

In addition to JAM basketball, we helped students participate in soccer, flag football, cheerleading camp, gymnastics, baseball, swim team and swim lessons. We also fund the elementary school chess club and snacks for other after-school clubs.

Having the Hillsboro Area Impact Fund as part of the community sends a clear message to everyone around the state on what this community values.

Mike Moran, coordinator

HES after-school programs

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