Letters (May 15, 2013)

Grant strengthens

library?s impact


The public library has launched our 6 x 6 Reading Program this week. The program introduces six different reading skills to preschoolers by the time they reach 6 years old.

We have redecorated a corner where we will offer different kits each month to parents and pre?schoolers to work on together, with games, books and activities to better their skills and prepare them for reading in the future.

Once again the children of our community are benefiting from the Hillsboro Community Foundation as they awarded our library with a grant to help us create these kits, supply them with appropriate materials and buy a laminating machine to protect these activities to use over and over.

The laminator also will be available to the community on Tuesday mornings.

We are excited to begin this program and hope we reach as many children as possible to increase their pre-reading skills.

We are also thankful to the foundation for seeing the importance of reading for our children?s futures. The quality of our program can be attributed to the extra funds they have provided and we are very grateful.

Delora Kaufman

Children?s librarian

Hillsboro Public Library


Small towns need more busy bees


Last Tuesday, I was asked at our local Kiwanis meeting to do a program about the restrooms in the park. Keep in mind that I am not on the committee and have not been in on all the planning. I did give information and the facts of the proposal, including the proposed locations of the restrooms. I also talked about the additional cost if a lift station had to be installed.

I did not twist anyone?s arm or hold a gun to anyone?s head. A reporter from the Marion County Record wrote an article that came out the next day that listed me as one of three on the hit list of Marion. I guess it is good to be at the top of the list, but not like this.

People now believe this is all my plan and I should change it. Neither of these locations was my first choice, but after hearing all the facts?both pros and cons?I agree with the park committee on the location.

The Marion paper also said 25 people don?t agree with the proposal. Those 25 people need to go before the city council and identify themselves, state their plan and how it is going to be funded. This project is not a city project and the city is not paying for the restrooms.

One other thing. Just as a heads up to the Marion paper, people like to read a positive article once in a while.

Also, in one the articles of the Marion County Record the sanity of myself and another of the top three was questioned. Just to set the record straight, I had mine checked and I am fine.

Enough about that. I would like to share a story, which is a true story. It was told to me after this article appeared in the local paper.

This man was in South Dakota hunting and he needed a few supplies. He stopped in this small town where the main street was only about a block long. The building fronts were all painted nice, and signs were there to welcome visitors into their city. The main street was gravel.

While talking to the owner of a little general store, he asked how everything was going. The owner said it was very tough to promote the city and encourage people to spend money in their town.

But he said the hardest part was that they only had about 50 people in the town. He also said that about half of those 50 were the busy bees, always doing their best to keep their town alive. The other half were the cave people. The visitor asked the owner what that meant. He said it stood for Citizens Against Virtually Everything.

I think every town has some cave people, but I am sure Marion has some busy bees, and I consider myself to be one of them.

The busy bees are the people who devote their time and efforts to the betterment of their town. They are the ones who dwell on the positives and not on the negatives.

I have one last thing to say: ?Go busy bees!?

Gene F. Winkler






























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