Letters (March 7, 2018)

Gun violence has myriad influences

Our founding fathers believed our right to keep and bear arms was so important, it was second only to freedom of speech in the Bill of Rights. With increasing numbers of mass shootings, some blame the Second Amendment and lawful gun ownership.

Semi-automatic military style firearms and high-capacity magazines have been available since the 1950s. The AR 15 rifle has been sold since 1964. Most mass shootings have occurred within the past 20 years. What has changed?

If real solutions are to be found, we must look into why this is happening. Is it due to the degrading morals of society, including lack of religion and not valuing human life? Is it due to changes in the nuclear family? Is it due to cyberbullying,violent movies and increasingly violent first-person shooter video games? Is it due to the prevalent use of ADHD, anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medications, all laden with a multitude of potential side effects? Is it due to the failures or inactions of our government agencies to enforce the laws and background checks already in place?

People who intend to do evil acts will find a method to inflict harm. Since we all want safety and security for our families, the discussion must include the roots of the problem instead of focusing on firearms.

David Funk


Opportunity to aid adults with needs

I would like to suggest, since we are considering building a new transfer station, that we look at it as an opportunity for creating a sheltered workshop for our handicapped adults in the county.

They could sort the recyclables, which would provide jobs for them, and since they would need supervisers/trainers, it would create jobs for several other adults as well.

There is no reason Marion County can’t provide residential facilities for our handicapped adults also. A house with each resident renting a room with a communal kitchen and living room would not be expensive. That would also provide jobs for the couple or individuals hired to be “house parents.”

Grants are available for the purchase of a van to take the residents to work and for recreation and shopping.

Those ideas would provide jobs for Marion County residents and would allow the handicapped adults to live close to family.

Belinda Engler


HFC gift will aid HMS hunter safety

The Hillsboro Middle School Hunter Safety Club would like to thank the Hillsboro Community Foundation for the gift of $476.

This gift will purchase one pair of Drunk Buster Goggles, 12 blaze orange youth-size hunting vests, and four pellet guns.

The goggles will help in the instruction of making safe hunting choices. The pellet guns provide us the opportunity to experience live fire sessions while enabling students to use safe gun-handling skills, which is highly recommended by the state Hunter Education organization.

Currently the Hillsboro Hunter Education program has certified 647 students from the Hillsboro and Peabody school districts.

We believe we offer one of the better programs in the state and this gift will help continue with the necessary improvements to allow us to better instruct students.

Anne Janzen, Evan Yoder, and Len Coryea

Hillsboro Middle School

Leos grateful for

community help

Hillsboro High School Leos Club members would like to thank the community for supporting our fund­raiser this year. We were able to donate $1,000 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society of Kansas to help in the fight against blood cancer.

A special thanks to Wendy’s for partnering with us in this effort.

Millie Sechrist

Leos publicity chairman