Letters (March 18, 2009)

Speak up now for clean-energy future


At noon Thursday, March 19, Kansans are being asked to rally at the Capitol in Topeka for clean energy. There is a need to come to Topeka and remind the legislature that they are there to serve the interest and future of Kansas, not powerful special interests with ?deep pocket? lobbyists.

Once again the legislature, Senate and House, have voted for overturning the denial of permit for the Holcomb coal electrical generation plant as a replay of last year. The governor has promised to once again veto the bills, which will bring about an effort by the legislature to overturn the veto.

Rep. Bob Brookens and Sen. Jim Barnett have both voted for the coal plants, while at the same time saying they understand the part that CO2 emissions play in climate change, the health threat posed by mercury particulate emissions and the myth of ?clean coal? technologies being a part of this project

They both know that more than 80 percent of the electricity will be going out of state and that only a small percent of the power is needed to fill the future needs of western Kansas.

One must conclude that both of these men are under the sway of the coal and utility lobby that are spending freely and pressing hard for this last gasp of dirty energy.

It is not too late to ask our representatives to change and vote to not overturn the governor?s veto.

Come to Topeka, call them on the phone, e-mail them or write a letter asking them to reconsider and support a clean energy future for Kansas.

Harry E. Bennett


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