Letters (Mar. 2, 2011)

New businesses aid local economy


As a retired car dealer, I?d like to welcome the new Midway Motors to our community. Hillsboro is very fortunate to have this nice, new General Motors dealership. To my knowledge, there are no other smaller cities in Kansas that have this advantage.

We also are thankful for all of the other businesses, both new and old, like the Scully Lease (Midland Farm Services) headquarters, the new CarQuest Auto Supply, the farm equipment Lang Diesel Inc. new owners, plus those many others we already have.

We are pleased to see the USD 410 central-office facility, which is a very nice improvement for our school system.

We need to remember that these businesses not only supply our daily needs, they provide much-needed employment for area residents.

If you live or work here, or are just traveling through, you might be surprised to find that most of what you want can be found right here in Hillsboro. Save the gas and shop at home.

Irv Schroeder



More thank-yous for HCF Impact grants


Hillsboro Senior Center would like to thank the Hillsboro Community Foundation for its continued support of our senior citizens.

With declining revenue, aging facilities and equipment it is increasingly difficult to fund the continued services that HSC pioneered in the U.S. 50 years ago.

Hillsboro Senior Center continues to provide about 60 meals per day, five days per week. Meals are provided at an economical cost of just $2.75 for those who are 60 or over.

These meals include those that are delivered to seniors who are home bound, but with a little help including meals they are able to remain in their homes and continue paying taxes within our community, thereby supporting our community.

HSC provides nutritious meals using menus developed by the Area Agency on Aging, our state parent organization. HSC provides weekly programs for seniors in the areas of nutrition education, health and welfare education and recreational activities. We have a number of men who gather daily to shoot a little pool and even have a tournament or two during the year.

HSC is a place where seniors can come together for social activities and friendship with their peers.

As HSC looks to the future, we hope we can become more of a community center contributing our strengths as senior citizens to the stability and well being of our community. At a recent meeting with the Area Agency on Agency we discussed ways in which we may be able to better serve our community.

We encourage those who are 60 and above to be actively involved in our community organization on a regular basis. We invite those who are under that magic age to consider coming a sharing their time with us also. Even at $4.50 per meal, one receives some exceptional meals and the opportunity to become multi-generational in community relationships.

Thanks again to the Hillsboro Community Foundation for its generosity in supporting the Hillsboro Senior Center in its efforts to upgrade equipment, maintain facilities and pay the our helpers as they work for the well being of our Hillsboro community.

Charles D. Rempel, board chair

Hillsboro Senior Center


? I would like to thank the Hillsboro Community Founda?tion board of directors for awarding the Hillsboro Police Department D.A.R.E. a grant for $400.

D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. This program is taught by a certified law-enforcement officer every year to the fifth-grade class at Hillsboro Elementary School. The students learn about the consequences of using drugs, alcohol and tobacco, as well as peer pressure, stressors and conflict resolution.

This grant will help to purchase educational supplies, such as workbooks and certificates, for the program.

In these tough economic times, Hillsboro is extremely fortunate to have the Hillsboro Community Foundation available as a resource to qualified programs. Thank-you again.

David Funk, D.A.R.E officer

Hillsboro Police Dept.


? I would like to thank the Hillsboro Community Founda?tion for its grant to the Hillsboro Police Department?s K-9 Nar?cotic Unit. The K-9 Unit is funded entirely by donations and seizures. While we have made several seizures, donations continue to be the primary funding. Any donation plays an integral part in fighting crime and keeping drugs out of our communities.

Rico is now 12 years old and has a full gray beard. In human years, he would be 84 years old. I am currently seeking to purchase a new police dog to succeed Rico, who will be retired. A new police dog will cost $4,000. Funding is needed for the dog itself?training, certification, equipment and veterinary visits. Donations of specific equipment also are appreciated.

A new police dog will be trained for narcotic detection, tracking or man trail, evidence recovery and handler protection.

Narcotic detection is when the dog will indicate the presence of the odor of an illegal drug from a vehicle, luggage, parcel, building, etc.

Tracking or man tail can help find people who have run away, are lost or wandered off.

Evidence recovery is where the dog will locate any object that has been lost or abandoned in the grass or field.

Finally, handler protection is simply when the dog will attack a suspect upon command by the handler. The biggest benefit of this is that the dog is trained when it is acceptable to bite and when it is not.

Every year, the K-9 Unit is involved with various demonstrations in the community and in Marion County. I have about a 60-minute talk and demonstration with the police dog based upon alloted time. Donations may be made to the Hillsboro Police K-9 Unit and mailed to the Hillsboro Police Department.

If you have any questions, please contact me at brichards@hillsboropolice.net or 620-947-3440.

Brad Richards

K-9 handler of Rico

Hillsboro Police Dept.


? Main Street Ministries Inc.?s Food Bank wishes to thank the Hillsboro Commun?ity Founda?tion for its grant of $1,800. These funds will help us to continue to feed the hungry in Marion County. Main Street Ministries Inc. plans to use the money to purchase groceries locally, filling the shelves when donations are down.

The Food Bank is open from 9 a.m. to noon Saturdays. Since the food bank has been in operation, the budget has increased dramatically due to the impact of the economic decline.

In January alone, we served close to 250 people. Thanks again Hillsboro Community Founda?tion for partnering with our community and allowing Main Street Ministries Inc. to help feed the hungry.

Mary Steketee, treasurer

Main Street Ministries Inc.

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