Letters (June 6, 2012)

Questioning expertise for Memorial speech

I did not attend the Memorial Day Service in Hillsboro upon which Patty Decker reported (May 31 issue), therefore my knowledge of the content of USN Commander Don Dahl?s remarks are confined to those which appeared in the Free Press.

Having read that account, it is difficult to judge as to whether to take Dahl?s opinions as risible or tragic that an individual holding such notions could have managed to rise to mid-level management of the military bureaucracy.

It would appear that Com?man?der Dahl is unfamiliar with American history, recent or since the original European settlements, Christianity, current events, public libraries or corporate broadcast mass media.

This reader was left wondering what Commander Dahl?s area of expertise might be that could have justified his attaining a mid-level managerial position because he is indisputably unqualified to hold forth on any of the topics he touched upon in the Free Press article.

I can only speculate as to why such as Commander Dahl was even selected to speak at a Memorial Day service given the number of actual combat veterans in the area who have experienced war personally.

Presumably it was because the gentleman had access to a uniform of one of the military services.

Michael J. Wild


Editor?s note: Thanks to the generosity of one of our readers, the entire text of Don Dahl?s Memor?ial Day speech appears on Page 7A.

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