Letters (June 28, 2017)

U.S. doesn’t need to apologize

I am writing in response to Bob Woelk’s June 14 article on the opinion page.

There are millions of us who voted for Donald Trump, and are proud of the job he is doing. He may not have won the popular vote, but he won the popular vote in 30 of the 50 states. Hillary just happened to win the most populous states. Thank the Founding Fathers for the Electoral College, or the big cities on the East and West coasts would be running the country. In the words of our tweeting president, “So sad.”

The Paris climate accord was just another drain on the United States, with no promises of anything except possibly a reduction in the temperature of 0.17 of a degree by the year—depending on the news source— 2030 to 2100, and costing from $600 billion to $2 trillion. I am happy that President Trump pulled us out of that mess. Maybe some of that money could be used to build the wall.

I look at the wall as a much larger version of locking our doors. I protect the people inside by only allowing in the ones I want in. I don’t have a problem with legal immigrants who want to be a part of this great country. It is the illegals I have a problem with.

We, at least most of us, consider ourselves a Christian nation, and to say that it is, in Mr. Woelk’s words, “decidedly unchristian” to put the interests of our country first is just absurd. This country sends out more missionaries than anyone else, and the people are the most charitable in the world.

I am proud of this country, and don’t think we need to apologize to anyone.

Nanette Forrester


Law practice is alive and well

Despite what was published in the June 21 edition of the Free Press, I have not retired from my legal practice. I did, in fact, resign as city attorney for Lost Springs and another city, but my law practice is alive and well.

I continue to represent all my other clients and will do so vigorously for the foreseeable future. Thank-you for allowing me to clarify this misunderstanding.

Christopher G. Costello