Letters (June 21, 2017)

Saddened by Hudson’s departure

I was saddended but not surprised to hear of Steve Hudson’s resignation as Marion County Park & Lake director.

I have always enjoyed the time I spend at the lake and appreciate his work, from taking grandkids fishing to union picnics, always safe and clean.

Sad to say, developers are ruling the lake. A resort, it’s not. A place to fish and swim it is—with bait, showers and tackle right there.

Rod Franzen


Grateful to all who helped blood drive

I would just like to thank everyone who donated blood June 12 for the Red Cross Blood Drive, and everyone who played a part in coordinating this event. I’m pleased to announce that through the Leaders Save Lives Scholarship Program, we were able to collect 41 pints of blood.

I would like to thank Dale’s Supermarket for providing sandwich materials for all the donors and workers, to all the people who helped with preparing the meals and serving them, to the church staff for allowing us to use their facility, and to all the hard-working nurses who devote their time to helping save lives.

Thank-you to everyone who donated or attempted to because all efforts make a difference.

Callyan Lacio