Letters (June 15, 2011)

Germany guests grateful for assistance


I am writing from Germany as our vacation is at its end. I want to thank all who were so nice and helpful to us as we visited your wonderful city.

My daughter, Eileen Hend?ricks (living at this time by my sister, Denise Schwertfeger), graduated from Hillsboro High School this year. Wow! We are very proud of her.

We learned a lot about your small but big town and it was great! We are looking forward to coming again as soon as possible.

I would especially like to thank one person very much, Mr. Malvin Schmidt. It has been a long time since I have met such a good person. On May 31 of this year we had our credit card, bank card and my last bit of cash stolen from us while asleep at my sister?s house.

When Mr. Schmidt heard of this he promptly gave my wife (as we were visiting the Free Press) what cash he had in his pocket?not thinking if he would get it back, but just being the great person he is. I was very surprised that people like Mr. Schmidt still exist these days. He is in our prayers daily.

I would like to thank once again the wonderful people of Hillsboro?except the person who stole our cards! Because of you, we couldn?t buy anything to take back with us from our trip. My wife was very depressed on these last days of our stay. But we will come back to Hillsboro next year and enjoy our stay.

Once again, thank-you, Hillsboro. You are a beautiful and wonderful town.

Kevin and Gerlinde Hendricks

Gemuenden, Germany


Public ?grants? are institutional theft


This is in reference to Hills?boro airport grant money.

Government has a nice-sounding word, ?grant,? to get money out of the public treasury. Throughout this nation, mayors, town councils, county commissioners and school boards apply for grant money they are not authorized to, have not earned, or it does not belong to them. We even have a specialist nowadays called ?grant writer.?

Seventy years ago we called it theft and you would be shot or at least go to jail. The Bible calls it ?ill-gotten gain that will turn to gravel in your mouth.? It is a sign of a culture in America today that finds nice-sounding names to cover up the sin of theft.

This is also a sign of how socialist communism is entrenched in our institutions. Communism takes the money forcibly from the people and gives it to friends and special interests.

Remember my recent article about voters on Election Day? How people have been given the vote as a right, not because they are qualified. And our nation will only exist until the voters discover they can vote themselves leaders that will give them money from the public treasury.

James Madison said, ?There is a seeming impropriety in leaving any set of men without control to put their hands into the public coffers; there is a seeming undecorum in such powers.?

We as a nation are in this state of collapse, and according to history this is always followed by dictatorship.

People of Hillsboro, this is your decision. Do you want your mayor and town council to take money that does not belong to you? Do you want the scourge of the guilt hanging over your town?

My belief is that we will have to restore a constitutional government through civil war. I wrote in my Sept. 22, 2010, article in the Free Press: ?Americans, examine well your priorities. What is worth living for and dying for? You may have to defend them on American soil soon!?

If you are like me, I hope the rapture comes first.

Anton Epp


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