Letters (July 25, 2012)

Brookens endorses Lindahl for 70th seat

I support Doug Lindahl in his bid for 70th District state representative. We have an opportunity to elect a highly effective public servant to this post.

Doug Lindahl served five terms as a school board member in the Chapman district; that?s 20 years of willingly serving without pay?and his neighbors returned him to office again and again.

Mr. Lindahl also serves on the rural electric board for DS&O Electric Cooperative, yet another place where the people who know him best put him in an office. They trust his judgment.

Through his school board experience, Doug Lindahl is familiar with the budgeting process, and has worked to assure a good education for the kids of that rural district, as well as mind the purse strings to assure they don?t overspend.

We voters also need to be mindful that the Kansas Chamber, which has been pushing hard to do away with the corporate and personal income taxes and rely on property and sales taxes for government funding, is backing the opponent of Mr. Lindahl.

The Chamber expects allegiance from those it supports. I?ve watched their antics for four years as the 70th District representative, and I?ve reported to you for four years in my column about it.

Doug Lindahl is well suited to continue the work I started in Topeka?to speak for us here in rural Kansas. He will be an independent thinker and won?t be a rubber stamp for any outside special-interest group. It has been a pleasure to be able to serve you; I?ve worked hard to represent you and your interests, trying to make sense of the crises Kansas has been facing through this recession.

Elect Doug Lindahl and he?ll work for us.

Bob Brookens


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