Letters (July 14, 2010)

Brookens ad was misleading for voters


Over a trip home for the July 4 weekend, I read an open letter to the voters from State Rep. Bob Brookens that was so misleading I felt a public airing of the facts was in order.

Rep. Brookens claims in his letter that his opponent is financed by special-interest groups and that he is being targeted because he did vote to eliminate the corporate income tax.

Public campaign finance reports, however, show that Mr. Bookens has taken from several political action committees (PACs) during his two years in office. PACs are formed for the sole purpose of distributing money to candidates that agree with the group?s positions. In other words, they are special-interest groups.

Over four reporting periods and thousands of dollars accepted and spent, nearly all of Mr. Brookens? campaign donations came from special interests. Among his contributors are multiple donations from the Kansas Bankers Association PAC, The Kansas Beverage Association PAC, the Prairie Band Pottawatomie Nation and QC Holdings, which operate several payday loan companies.

Anyone can view these reports by going to kansas.gov/ethics and searching under campaign finance.

At the time of his advertisement, his opponent had not had the opportunity to file a finance report, and thus I am uncertain how he is able to determine that she is supported by ?special interests? while he is not.

It is interesting to me that Mr. Brookens did not note his support of the largest sales-tax increase in state history, and his support for a budget that spends over $200 million more than last year while rejecting a proposed balanced budget that increased spending for education and the elderly without a tax increase.

I hope this information helps to clarify facts for voters as they decide which candidate can best represent their values in Topeka.

James Meier


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