Letters (July 13, 2011)

Community has been welcoming to others


Living in Hillsboro has been a wonderful place to call home for the past nine years of our lives. Though we came as ?outsiders? with our East Coast culture, we never felt slighted because we weren?t ?Mennonite? and that we didn?t have the ?right? last name.

Our children received a wonderful education at USD 410, our church became our family, and our neighborhood shares similar values: There?s not a neighbor whose door I would not knock on to borrow a few eggs.

But there is something else that radiates among our community that makes me very proud to live here as well. My friend, Kenny Johnson, moved to Oakwood Manor several months ago. I got to know Kenny last year while doing an internship at Peabody-Burns schools. I sat with him one day as the reality of moving to a new town overwhelmed him; he had never lived outside the streets of Peabody.

I wanted to fill him with all kinds of promises: ?You will make new friends, I promise.? ?You will like Hillsboro.? ?I will help you find a new church.? ?There will be more soda cans to collect in a bigger town.?

But, I couldn?t make promises I had no way of knowing if they would truly transpire. As I was at the pool this week, I watched how the children, parents and lifeguards treated Kenny with such respect and dignity. They included him, talked to him and played in the pool together.

The other day while in USD 410 Central office, Kenny stopped by, and Dr. (Steve) Noble, Mr. (Max) Heinrichs, and others stopped working to come out and greet him, they included him in their conversation.

Walking into Vogt?s together, the workers greet him by name and value him as a customer.

One night Kenny called me all excited that Rod Koons was taking him to a basketball game at K-State. When I asked him who bought the new light for his three-wheel bicycle, he proudly answered, ?Mr. Brown did. He is the nicest man.?

Oh, and when I see Kenny working at the recycling center, I see how honored he is to be a part of the Lions Club.

I guess this letter is being written to thank our community for how you have welcomed another ?newcomer? into our town and made him feel as if he truly does belong here.

I?m thankful we have a ?diverse? community which enriches my life and allows me to be part of their world. Kenny is just one of many residents at Oakwood Manor, and I?m grateful they are part of our community.

Karen Clark-Elliott



Know your options for alert systems


It is important to be aware of your options before you say ?yes? to buying something being offered to you. Our county offers two options for ?medical alert? systems in your home.

Marion County Home Care has ?Voice Care,? which is an alarm system you wear on your person. Voice Care provides an instant and direct link to Marion County Home Care?s 24/7 Response center to access the care you need, when you need it.

Hillsboro Community Hos?pital has an emergency response system with Lifeline. It provides the same service as ?Voice Care.?

Each of these services has a set-up fee and a monthly monitoring fee. You can call Marion County Home Care at 620-382-3690 or Hillsboro Community Hospital at 620-947-3114 for more information on this service.

These are key questions to ask when you are considering such a system:

? Does the company operate its own monitoring center?

? What happens if the emergency services or family needs to be contacted?

? Does the call go to the monitoring center or directly to emergency services?

? How do you cancel the policy?

? What are the minimum payment requirements?

? Are there any additional monthly monitoring fees?

On occasion, you may have a salesperson come to your door selling medical alert and home alarm systems. How should you deal with him or her? Here are some things to keep in mind.

Adopt this rule of thumb: Never buy anything if you did not initiate the transaction. Salesmen are trained to sell; you are not trained to resist. They create need where none exists.

If you really need something, you already know it. Sales?per?sons prey on fear and ignorance and want you to make an emotional decision.

So how do you resist? Don?t answer the door. Don?t let them inside your home. Don?t listen to the presentation. Their sales pitches are constructed to get you answering questions with a ?Yes.?

Be courteous but firm. Tell them you are not interested at this time, or you need to talk with family or friends before you make a decision.

Gayla Ratzlaff, coordinator

Marion County Department

on Aging


Appalled by paper?s coverage of trial


The following paragraph is taken from Billy Graham?s book, ?Storm Warning.?

?The press has publicized some of the more shocking and graphic aspects of child abuse?especially the physical abuse that makes sensational headlines?but they have almost entirely ignored the psychological and emotional abuse caused by today?s social trends. Today we are experiencing an epidemic of parental neglect, mothers and fathers absent from the home, children exploited by advertising and mass media, immature sensibilities bombarded by erotic and vulgar programming aimed at vulnerable minds, and the encouraging of excessive, even pathological self-interest and self-absorption. Where is the outrage??

After reading last week?s (June 29) front-page detailed expos? of the county rape trial, I am registering my outrage. I was appalled that you would print something like this in the Free Press, especially since it involved a minor.

We get enough of this gar?bage on TV. No wonder our families and kids are going to the dogs, since they think this is the norm for the world. Couldn?t you find anything kind, loving, positive and of good report to fill the pages? Lord help us all.

Donita Rogers

Cedar Point


A non-chemical

solution for mussels?


When the zebra mussel problem hit our reservoir, it occurred to me that perhaps these pests could be eliminated or controlled by some type of sound, radio, or magnetic frequency device.

I did a Yahoo search with the words: ?resonant frequency zebra mussel? and found a plethora of info pertaining to experimental and successful use of this technology. Here is a link to a company that offers a product with a one-year performance guarantee: acme-aqua.com/ html/C6.htm.

I trust you will duplicate my search and check out this link to a working device. You seem to be the best avenue to disseminate this info. I would be happy if you published this as a letter to the editor so more people could help research this problem.

Kell Hawkins


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