Letters (Jan 11, 2017)

Commissioner should be recalled

Occasionally an elected official needs to be removed from his or her position. In some cases it could be unethical behavior or maybe a conflict of interest and sometimes just plain contempt for the job.

A recall is the power of the voters to remove such an elected official before a term expires. It has been a fundamental part of our government system since 1911 and used by voters to express their dissatisfaction with their elected representative.

In Marion County, there exists a profound dissatisfaction among voters with the First District county commissioner. Her lack of attendance, along with continued tardiness to the regular and special scheduled county commission meetings prevents the commission board from functioning effectively.

County commissioners receive a salary of $18,096 per year. In 2016 there were 66 meetings, which equates to $274 per meeting.

Also, county commissioners get full pay regardless of attendance. This county commissioner was absent for 30 meetings and 32 times was late or left the meetings early in her two-year tenure. This is crazy incompetence and unacceptable.

I ask, what happened to a full day’s pay for a full day’s work? The voters in the First District have little or no representation from their elected official, and in my opinion this commissioner demonstrates an arrogant contempt for the county commission position. Tax­payers and voters expect and deserve better.

Marion County commissioners will be making major decisions over the course of the next several years that will shape and impact Marion County’s future for generations. The people of Marion County need three commissioners who are serious, dedicated and passionate to the future prosperity and growth of your county.

It’s very sad. It’s time for a recall.

Carl Stovall


Mayor’s comment on IdeaTek in error

IdeaTek is honored to have the opportunity to serve the town of Goessel, and we’d like to clear up a misconception that some in town have about our coverage area.

In an article covering the Goessel City Council meeting (Dec. 28 issue), it was reported that Mayor Schrag made the claim that, “IdeaTek is installing fiber only to those who sign up with IdeaTek…. IdeaTek will not go to a quadrant if not enough people in that area sign up for it.”

This statement is wholly inaccurate. We’d like to assure the residents of Goessel that IdeaTek is building our fiber lines throughout the entire town. This has been our intention since we first announced our plans to provide ultra-speed Internet and phone service to Goessel, and it’s the information we provided to city staff from our first communications with them.

We regret that misinformation to the contrary has been circulated.

To better inform residents about our services and timeline, IdeaTek representatives will hold a public meeting from 5-7 p.m. Thurs­day, Jan. 12, at the Goessel Civic Center. Dinner will be provided at no cost.

Anyone interested in IdeaTek services is invited to attend and have their questions answered.

We look forward to seeing you there, and to serving you long into the future.

Jade Piros de Carvalho

Marketing & Sales

IdeaTek Telcom

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