Letters (February 17, 2016)

A choice between two weasels?

There was a famous movie a few years back, ?Dumb & Dumber.? I never watched it, but I doubt it could beat the daily and evening comedy/drama on TV I call, ?The Damocrats versus the Republicusses.?

First, I need to confess that I was actually a registered Republicuss. But two years ago I went to the courthouse and told them I just couldn?t take it anymore, but what can I do? They consoled me and told me all was not lost, there is an alternative. So I got rid of the Republi?cuss name and am now a proud, card-carrying Inde?pen?dent. Yes, I will have the freedom to vote.

Now I have another huge dilemma. This organized soap opera of Damocrats and Republicusses, which seems like it will never end, is becoming more of a tear-jerker than a party.

Looking toward the election, I am afraid the only choice we will have is D-weasel No. 1 and R-weasel No. 2. Will our only choice be the lesser of two weasels? Regardless which weasel wins, won?t we still be on the Titanic full-steam ahead to the iceberg?

Feb. 12 was Lincoln?s birthday and Feb. 22 is Washington?s birthday. Oh, how we need people of such courage and character. We can?t live in the past, but we can see doom and destruction ahead. One good example would be our $19 trillion debt.

I will not vote if all we have is the lesser of two evils. We have come to the crossroads, and the real truth is that only God can save us now. But we have leaders rejecting God, going after false gods and trying to remove the name of God and his son, Jesus Christ, from everything possible.

We need Christians to stand against the prevailing lawlessness that has overcome the U.S. Franklin Graham will be in Topeka April 28 for a prayer rally he is leading throughout the U.S. We will be there. Prayer is America?s only hope and our God answers prayer (2 Samuel 24:25).

Pray now, pray then, pray in your church, pray in your home. God bless America.

Linda Eden


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